Working Moms Apps (Best Top 5)

Working Moms

The roles of motherhood has been recently redefined throughout the course of time but one thing has remained constant: moms are busy people. If you have a career outside of the job of raising your family, these are our best-rated for keeping it all together. Working Moms

Here are the apps for working moms out there.

Working Moms

  1. Calorie Counter

    What It Does Calculates how many calories you’re consuming when you log in what you’re eating or scan the barcode of a food package.

    Working Mom Perk By also providing a nutrition grade and pros/cons, this app comes in handy when making quick meal decisions.

    *Also available for Android and BlackBerry

  2. Grocery Gadget Shopping List

    What It Does Creates multiple shopping lists for different stores, matches coupons to shopping items and lets you compare item prices across stores.

    Working Mom Perk The sync feature lets you share your grocery list so you and Hubby won’t both buy that gallon of milk for the week.

    *Also available for Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phones

  3. iSlick

    What It Does For the avid online shopper, this app gives you access to forums on front-page deals, hot deals and much more.

    Working Mom Perk Real-time alerts give you a heads up as soon as a good deal arrives so you won’t have to constantly check online.

    *Also available for Android

  4. Bloom

    What It Does By combining your favorite photos and music, this app provides a fun way of giving yourself—and others—inspirational reminders or “blooms” throughout the day.

    Working Mom Perk In the middle of a hectic and stressful day, this app can cheer you up as you reflect on the things that make you happy.

  5. RedLaser

    What It Does Scans the barcode of an item and lists the prices of the product online and at local vendors.

    Working Mom Perk Takes the guesswork out of bargain-hunting, saving you time—and a headache.

    *Also available for Android and Windows phones


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