Which Is Best Smartphone for you in 2018: iPhone 8, iPhone X or Galaxy S8


First, these are all excellent smartphones that have redefined leadership in the sector. They have improved over the last decade. However, there are real differences.

iPhone and Android smartphone working operating system hit the market one decade in the past. Ten years later, there may be still plenty of dialogue over which better. I have recently been asked which of 3 new flagship phones is better: iPhone 8, iPhone X, or Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which runs Google Android?

Smartphones have gone via some exceptional adjustments over the years. How do you determine that is high-quality for you nowadays?

In fact, there are significant differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Until the iPhone X finally became available last week, iPhone 8 sales were very slow. Now that users can compare, I expect sales of both models to pick up steam.

Many users who waited for the iPhone X have found the new design harder to use and less satisfying. The camera is better, but many miss the familiar Home button. To some, the new iPhone looks and feels like a Samsung Galaxy phone, and they don’t like that.

The iPhone 8 may be more appealing to those customers. As for the Home button, though, Apple has been messing with it for the last year or two the iPhone 7 and 8 have different Home buttons. What’s available now is not really a button. Many users prefer the feel of the old time, real button. However, they have no way to get it on newer devices.

iPhone X: Love It or Hate It

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Even those who find themselves confused by the new iPhone X design will become used to it in time and possibly even come to like it. The real question is, why did Apple find it necessary to frustrate the user base and mess with its already-winning design? Change for change’s sake is not always a winning philosophy among users.

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iPhone, Android User Loyalty

If you prefer one smartphone over the other, chances are you will stick with the brand. It makes life a less complicated. It’s about more than the smartphone you hold in your hand — it’s all the services and apps you use. Apps are made differently for iPhone or Android phones, each system has its own cloud services for backing up and storing data.

There also are significant differences in the way the devices work. The iPhone is easier to use and more secure; however, it is not as flexible. Phones running Google’s Android OS are much more flexible, and many love that. However, along with flexibility, Android has more security problems.

Smartphone makers and networks want me to try their devices and comment on them. This gives me the opportunity to play with lots of phones and operating systems and see how they compare, and how they have improved over time.

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I like the iPhone 8, the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8 for different reasons. I still have not found one perfect phone. I would love a phone with the flexibility of Android and the security of the iPhone, but you can’t get both.

Which Do You Prefer?

We all have preferences. Some people love the simplicity and security of the iPhone iOS, while others like the freedom and flexibility of Android. Both iPhone and Android fill the bill for different types of users. However, both have changed in recent years.

Size is one thing that has changed a lot over the years. The original one-handed size was perfect. The original iPhone and Android models were smaller, but much easier to handle and operate with one hand. However, many prefer the larger screen. That makes it easier to watch videos.

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Apple finally did the right thing: It reintroduced its smaller-sized device for those who want it. Users often find that switching between iPhone and Android is time consuming and messy, and it creates all sorts of headaches. My suggestion is to try them both, decide which you want, and then stick with it.


Of course, if you like them both and need more than one smartphone, you can always get both! I know many who have both. However, the vast majority only use one device. If you are like most, you have a choice to make. So, which is your favorite, and why?


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