Waterproof Phone soon by Apple


Waterproof phone has been started about 2 years ago by Sony. It has been great but we can say it’s not what we have expected. Apple, the company that makes iPhones is know looking into the possibility of making an iphone that is waterproof. Reports say that Apple have patented a waterproof speaker. More on the article down below.


Trying to keep future plans under wraps would be a lot easier for companies like Apple if they didn’t have to file for patents for their most innovative tech. A couple of new patents spotted by AppleInsider offer an intriguing look at what we can expect from future iPhones.

First up there’s a filing for waterproof speakers – is a rugged, heavy duty, outdoor iPhone on the way? Or does Apple have plans to make its flagship phones fully waterproof? The system described is similar to one already in place on the Apple Watch.

The patent details specify the use of a mesh material sitting directly above an acoustic port which would direct liquid away and reduce the pressure. A hydrophobic coating is also mentioned to help draw liquid out, though it sounds as though some water flow would be allowed if the pressure became too much.

Curated fromĀ New Apple patents point to rugged iPhone, advanced EarPods

If iPhone go and make one. I would be one of the first in line to buy the phone. How awesome is it to take photos underwater with the amazing camera the iPhone has.

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