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Vacation planning can sometimes be a headache. Creating those itineraries and all the planning including the accommodation, where to eat, etc. During the old days, we rely on pen and paper and brain storming on what and where to go. In today’s game, we have all the apps that can help us on every planning decision. There are thousands of apps for travelers that are available in the Appstore but TechCrunch has a list of the best for vacation planning. We got it for you down below.



Sometimes you know where you want to go, but you don’t know when. Not sure when the best time is to visit Hawaii? Then Hopper is the right app for you. Type in your desired destination and the app shows you a color-coded calendar which indicates when flights are the cheapest. Green means you’re getting a good deal and red means you’re paying the max. If you want to go from San Francisco to Hawaii, you’ll save $100 by going in September.



The Hopper App is free and can be downloaded both on iOS and Android. The app is all about flights, the green means the price is lower and fits your budget and you can actually but the ticket right on the app itself. 

More apps down below



We checked out a lot of city guides, but chose Musement for its sleek design and its commitment to showing you how the locals live. The app highlights New York’s best rooftop bars or where to get the city’s best hot dogs. Musement also makes it easy to sort what’s nearby and open right now.

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The app incorporates Foursquare recommendations and has venue contact information integrated into each entry. You can also book event tickets, such as concerts, directly through the app. Musement is free and available on both the iPhone and Android.


Musement is a city app that can guide you on everything about the city. I still remember those dark days that you just don’t know where is the best place to hangout and to eat but with this app you will not miss a bit on that city you are in.

The last app is down below and its all about the outdoors


The Outbound

If hiking and hang gliding is more your speed, check out The Outbound for planning an outdoor adventure. The Outbound makes it easy to search for places to go surfing, backpacking, mountain biking and more. Search by city and see suggested trails with photos and information about the route.


The Outbound provides tips for each activity, tells you what time of year to go, and reminds you about what you need to pack. Now I know where to explore when I go to Big Sur…


The 3 apps is the best for your vacation planning. From the flights to city life and then the outdoors its all there. If you know more apps that are better or just as good let us know in the comments section

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