Using mobile phones while with friends.. is it rude or not?


In a world where a lot of people use mobile phone as a form of socialization, mobile phones have changed how we negotiate our relationships with family, spouses and close friends. Increased levels of mobile phone subscriptions are linked with improvements in education, gender equality and political participation, particularly in developing countries. They are also associated with higher economic growth. Here’s an article we’ve found about why human cannot help fiddling with mobile phones

Fiddling with a mobile phone while chatting, or dining with friends, is generally considered the height of bad manners.

But a Cambridge psychoanalyst has claimed that tinkering with objects is nothing new and humans need to have something in their hands to feel comfortable during social interactions.

Darian Leader, author of Hands: What do we do with them and why?, says that in the past snuff boxes, gloves and fans were all used as props to help people feel at ease when communicating.

He believes that the objects act as an abstract barrier by which it is possible to avoid coming too close to another person.

Darian Leader
Darian Leader fiddles with a piece of paper

“Just as there are an extraordinary number of tablets and phones now, so there have always been a massive number of hand-held objects which have kept people’s hands busy,” Leader told the Hay Festival in Wales.

“Those kept the commentators ridiculing them centuries ago just as commentators now, say put your mobile away and talk to me.

“In the 16th and 17th century people said why on Earth does everyone have to fiddle with their snuff box rather than just talking to the person that they should be talking to.

“These were things that were ridiculed by Adam Smith, by James I, who asked why people had to fiddle with tobacco when you could just be with a friend who you could talk to.

“Rather than seeing objects as distractions, as barriers, we might see them as traditions which make human interactions possible.”

A man and woman check their phones at dinner 
People like being close, while also apart

Leader believes the tendency to fiddle is learned in infancy when a child is still learning about the limits of its own body in relation to its mother.

“It’s sometimes difficult to separate ourselves form others. It’s a way to find an exit from the over-proximity from our relationship.

“When we look in the café and you have a couple with each other and they are both busy on their mobile, don’t we have in a way something very similar, a kind of echo of that early relation, where too people are bound together in a certain amount of closeness and proximity and intimacy, but at the same time there has to be a way to be somewhere else.

“So our technology is a way of being with while at the same time, being somewhere else.”

Much have been said. Mobile phones really have negative and positive impacts to our lives. There is no doubt mobile is a necessity these days, but we should take care of the negative points too and use this technology accordingly.

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