How to Use Multi-Window Mode on Android 7.0 Nougat


With the new update of the Android OS, we can say that there has been a lot of improvements and new features. One of the new features is the new Multi-Window mode that enables multitasking on your device.

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What Is Multi-Window Mode On Android Nougat?


Multi-window mode allows users to bring up another app window on their smartphone’s screen without needing to close the one they’re already viewing. This can be done using the portrait or landscape orientation of the device.

If you’re using your device in landscape, the screen will be split evenly between two opened apps. However, if you’re in portrait, you’ll have the option to have one app window occupy two-thirds of the screen while the other app occupies the remaining one-third.

This can be quite handy especially if you’re the type who wants to do different things on your phone simultaneously. If you’re reading an article online and want to check the meaning of a word you across, you can simply pull up another window and look for the definition without having to close the first one.

Below is the instructions on how to do it on the android nougat:

How To Use Multi-Window Mode On Android Nougat


1. To activate the new multi-window functionality, open an app on your phone that you want to view.

2. Hold down the “Overview” button on the screen’s lower-right corner. You will notice that the regular Overview button will be switched to two smaller rectangles.

3. On the app switcher, pick the app you want to have as the secondary window. If a particular app doesn’t work with the multi-window feature, you’ll see a message that says “App doesn’t support split screen.”

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4. To change your secondary app, press the button with two rectangles in the lower-right corner to bring up the app switcher again.

5. If you’re using your phone in portrait, you can hold down the white line between the two opened apps. Drag the line so you can switch to a two-thirds/one-third division on your screen.

6. Exit multi-window mode by holding down the button with two rectangles. You can also swipe the line between the two opened apps upward or downward to close multi-window.

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