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You are an inspiring entrepreneur with a growing business. It’s going well, but you are still not satisfied. You need more customers, and you see that you are not accessing a wider audience.

Mobile is the new market. It’s the new rage. If you haven’t reached the mobile market yet, you are losing a lot of customers, and that’s not good for business. You have done the research and found that making a personalized business app is a great way of targeting customers. But how would you go about doing that? Would you spend hours learning all the gibberish programmers’ use?

Programmers have lots of knowledge in what they do, and you don’t have the time to gain that education. You could hire a freelancer, but they work on their terms, and you would like your app completed as soon as possible. So what do you do? Get left behind? Leave your customers?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just drag, drop, and click to make an app? Couldn’t someone just guide you through some simple steps to get your app up and running quickly? This article will show you how to make an app and get it running for under $300 and within 30 days. Today we are listing the top eight online app creators you can use to make an app for your business without writing a single line of code or hiring programmers.

Note: We are not affiliated with any app creators or app service providers. We tested them just as regular customers and found them suitable for small business owner needs. Also, note that these app builders are focused on business-oriented apps like restaurant owners, online shop owners, and event managers, etc. and are not for aspiring developers and entrepreneurs who have a new idea for an app.

We will show how and why each of these online app creators are suitable for your business app and what features they offer. We’ll discuss their pros and cons and their pricing as well.
So if all that’s clear then let’s get started.

Selection Criteria:
All of these app creators have been carefully analyzed and tested for the following criteria:

• Cost
• Features they offer (or claim)
• Ease and intuitiveness
• Ability to customize according to business needs
• Geo-targeting
• Social media integration
• Push-notifications
• Customer support
• Third-party tools integration (tools that can connect with your beside offered by the app creators)
• App analytics
• Limitations as mentioned by small business owners or other app review sites who currently use these app makers or have used them in the past.
We’ll start from our most favored app creator and then move on to others that might suit your needs.

Seattle Cloud App Builder
Source: Seattle Cloud

Our top app builder and home to 480,000+ native apps built. The Seattle Cloud App Builder has fantastic features, with a price tag that’s hard to beat. Let’s start with its features:

1. No Coding Required
The most noticeable feature of this service is that no coding is required to make apps for your Android, iOS or Kindle device. Select from thousands of templates with categories such as Personal and Business, Books and Media, and Restaurant and Bar. Then put your information in a form and publish your app. Add the different type of pages, and preview your app on Android, iOS or Kindle to make robust and beautiful apps.

2. Code your app
The beauty of this platform is it’s not just for ready-made app templates but provides you powerful features to code your app using the Seattle Cloud SDK available for both iOS and Android. You can even sell your app templates in the template store.

3. Low Price
This is the lowest price on this platform for the services offered. You can get started by purchasing one app $14.99/month. The business plan costs $147/month and gives you features like creating unlimited apps, sending push notifications, and a developer and editor account, There is also a pre-paid, one-time solution of $199 for one app This gives you full control of the app. You can download the source code, use any templates, and get unlimited updates along with priority support. Once you click “Publish,” your app is automatically sent to the App Store through your account.

4. Customer Support
Seattle Cloud has dedicated support for email, telephones, and forums. You can get your problem solved in minutes instead of waiting for hours.

5. Money back Guarantee
If you try the service and find it is not up to your liking, they have a 14-day money back guarantee.

They have an amazing collection of app templates and various categories to choose from. You can get your app up and running in a day.

We are hard pressed to find anything wrong with this platform, but for the sake of justice, we are mentioning one we found from another review. We believe they should equally treat the customers and not give priority to those who paid more just for the sake of price.

Key Takeaway:
It’s our top choice, and we would recommend you choose this platform to make your app.

Como DIY
Source: Como DIY

Como is our second favorite do-it-yourself (DIY) app builder. More than 1 million apps have been made using the Como app builder since 2010. This app is focused on local businesses, who need to expand their local clientele. Let’s see its features:

1. Loyalty Cards
You can add loyalty cards to your online shop to turn those one-time customers into your permanent clients. Every time your customers buy from your store they are awarded loyalty points which they can redeem for different prizes.

2. Mobile E-commerce store
Get your sales flowing 24/7 with Como’s mobile store builder where customers can purchase from you even while you sleep.

3. Push Notifications
With the Como app builder, you can send unlimited push notifications to your customer’s mobile, so your client always has the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

4. Deliveries and In-app coupons
Be hassle free and relaxed. Automate the process of delivery. Let your customers order from your mobile app and give them in-app coupon deals to further increase your business sales.

Como offer a simple pricing model of monthly, yearly, or bi-annually pricing. Offering all the features you need, you can get started right away for the price of $57/month.

Como app builder is extremely easy to use and you can setup your account in just a few steps. Their guides and tutorials will help you get started building your app quickly and hassle free. Their customer support is fantastic. They even have a rewards system for their clients. You can also integrate third-party tools like social networks or online delivery system with your app.

Although it has a lot of excellent features, there are a few this builder lacks. They don’t have much design flexibility or template choice though the available ones are customizable. They are also a bit outdated and have been used in many other apps. They also lack team support, ad-support, and API access.

Key Takeaway
Overall this app is good if you are a local business owner and need to quickly setup a local business app.

Source: Good Barber

When you visit GoodBarber, you are indulged with their beautiful site design. With an iconic and typographic user experience, it’s clear this app builder focuses more on beautiful and intuitive app design rather than functionality. Let’s see its features:

1. Beautiful App Templates
GoodBarber lets you choose from 50+ app templates which you can easily customize to your needs. It even shows you the color scheme and enables you to test that color scheme before applying it. Giving you more control over the look and feel of the app.

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2. Updates on the go
GoodBarber is great in a sense that it lets you update your color scheme and content without disturbing the overall app functionality. You can easily change your theme whenever you want.

3. Extensive Analytics, Geo-targeting, and iBeacons
GoodBarber provides you accurate and location specific data trends. You can go so far as to send location targeted push notifications to your customers.

The pricing model of GoodBarber is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s better to opt for the full membership that costs $40/month to utilize it to its fullest.

With GoodBarber, it’s all about design. You are free to customize and create beautiful apps. You can also add other team members to your project and collaborate with them.

Though GoodBarber does offer a source code editor, it is not for the developer type and doesn’t give much power to the coders. While other app makers have included app submission prices in their pricing model, this one doesn’t and charges $50 for submitting one app.

Key Takeaway:
If you are more into app designing rather than functionality, then you won’t get any app builder better than GoodBarber.

App Machine
Source: App Machine

The app creators discussed above use HTML5 to make mobile apps, If that sounds too complex and you want a good looking app, in a short amount of time, right from your mobile, then this app creator is for you. Based in the Netherlands, this app maker is both a product and a company, featuring more than 200,000+ apps since its launch in 2013. Let’s have a look at some of the features they offer:

1. Easy-to-Use Interface
Did you like Legos when you were a kid? This app lets you be playful with your app and build it using Lego blocks. They also have a great number of tutorials and guides to show how easy it is to create your app.

2. On the go Updates
Do you need to update your app? With App Machine, you can easily update your app using your smartphone. These updates happen in real time for all

3. Analytics and Location Based Services
So you need to know how often your app is being used and where? With App Machine’s advanced analytics you can easily track your app usage and identify the exact location where it’s being used the most. A must-have for knowing your targeted customers.

4. Team management
Do you have partners you need to add to the project? With App Machine, you can easily add your teammates in your project and collaborate with them.

5. App Previewer
Do you want to test your app? While other app creators offer online simulators, with App Machine you can directly download their App Previewer and preview your app on your smartphone. This is a handy feature to know how your app will work on the mobile.

App machine only offers two plans: PLUS and PRO, with the ability to pay monthly or yearly per app. The PLUS costs $59/month while the PRO costs $89/month and provides advanced features like Excel import, custom JavaScript, and iPad support.

App Machine is an intelligent, web-based app creator that lets you make apps on the go. You can create an app for your business, event, restaurant, or traveling. You can update your content from the smartphone a quite handy feature for business owners on the go. Another feature we liked is that the PRO offer has a trial option which allows for exploring all the features of their platform. Other app designers should consider implementing this feature.

This app maker is good for quick, business-oriented apps only. This app creator currently doesn’t support ads, so if you are looking for monetizing your app, then this might not be for you. Another thing to notice is that some of the PRO features might be visible, but they haven’t been fully activated.

Key Takeaway:
Overall this app maker is good for its robust features and location-based app development.

Source: ShoutEm

Starting out as a small social network app back in 2010, this app creator has made a lot of improvements in the app making business and turned its focus towards app creation. Their mission statement is, “Mobile apps should be affordable for everyone, launch fast, requires no coding skills and be simple to set up.” Let’s review their features to see how true they are to their mission:

1. Social And Small Business Features
ShoutEm has some powerful features for social, small and medium businesses. You can add loyalty programs which you can integrate with your app or use the powerful social integration tools for community-based apps.

2. Tools and Analytics
ShoutEm analytics is powered by, which provides ShoutEm users with powerful and robust features like interest and demographics of the users, app category, and consumer interest. This lets you know what products your users like and allows you to sort out the data over time and app versions.

3. Customer Support
They have excellent support for their customers. If you are ever lost, just go to their guides section to find each and every aspect of their tools covered in detail. This is quite handy if you ever feel adrift while building your app.

4. Multi-lingual
Not a native English speaker or have a buyer or customers in another country? No problem. With ShoutEm, you can customize some or all of your app into another language and the app creator will self-translate that into your desired language.

The pricing model is divided into four price packages that are: basic, $23/month with the ability to create web-based apps. The advanced package for $59/month lets you create native and web based apps with push notifications. An unlimited package for $140/month gives you all the features of the advanced package along with API access. Lastly, the Enterprise package for custom business needs.

Retailers will find their loyalty program useful as you can add rewards on check-ins using social media or sharing offers with your friends. They also have a deals section that lets you make customized deals on your terms. Excellent support and social features that let your users make their profile and add comments. The multi-lingual feature is excellent for overseas customers.

If you are looking for E-commerce apps, this app maker won’t provide you the features you need. You certainly can attempt to make one, but you might not be satisfied with the results. While the app you made can support different languages, the web interface itself only supports English for now. They might add more languages, but that is something which is not supported at this time.

Key Takeaway:
Overall a great app maker if you are making a social community and fan based apps or small business apps. It has a good set of templates, and the interface might be confusing at first, but it does offer a lot of customization options. And a great way of staying connected to your customers.

Source: BuildFire

BuildFire was started by two individuals, Ian Blair, and Nathan Keating and regularly mentioned as an industry leader by companies like Entrepreneur, Forbes, CNN, and More than 30,000 customers have used this app creator and so it’s worth mentioning in our list. Let’s take a look at their features:

1. No Coding Required
BuildFire claims to be the easiest app builder with no coding skills required. The app building process is very easy and intuitive. Just select the type of app you want to make, and the app builder will adjust its interface to that app. It provides a great number of widgets that helps you customize your app to fit your needs. The layout page is separated into the different parts where you can change the background design, icons, text, and add your logo, color, and themes which represent your brand.

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2. Custom Development Environment
One of the most exquisite features this app builder provides is the ability to add custom features to your apps. They have a large amount of plugins that can be integrated with your app for custom functionality. Best of all, they are a free and open sourced, which means you can easily customize features and host them on their server to suit your app.

3. Connect With Your Content Everywhere
Do you have a blog post you need to share in your app? Maybe a YouTube video? Or perhaps a podcast? Well, now you can now connect all that content right in your app with BuildFire content syndication. This lets you update your content on the go, and your users will see that content on their cellphones in real time.

4. Custom push-notification
BuildFire allows you to create schedules and manages your business alerts. They also allow you to create and manage different groups for sending and managing notifications. This makes it so that you can send notifications to only those whom you target.

5. Third party and Bluetooth Integration
You can integrate third party tools with BuildFire. You can easily connect your Shopify or Woo-commerce shopping store right in your app to let customers shop directly from the app. If you own a restaurant, you can integrate OpenTable widget and allow your customers make a reservation directly from the app. Or you can create apps that connect to your car or other devices.

BuildFire offers three pricing packages with a monthly package starting from $49/month, a yearly package starting at $44/month, paid annually, or $39/month paid bi-annually.

Easy and intuitive interface. Allows custom plugin development. You can broadcast audio or video live from the app. Your users can view content right in your app without having to click a link and go to their browser.

This might be the No.1 choice for many but for us it managed to secure this place. First, there is no option to build a custom E-commerce store app. You might integrate with Shopify or Woo-commerce, but they will be displayed as a web page in your app. Secondly, the pricing may be too much for the features they offer

Key Takeaway:
Overall this is quite an intuitive app builder with minimal design interface providing a great number of features for custom app development.

Appy Pie
Source: Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a rising group app builder. First launched in beta on January 14th, 2013, the app maker quickly got phenomenal success with over 17,000 apps built. Their features are:

1. Ease of Use
Appy Pie interface is highly intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to create a professional looking app in minutes. And it’s all in one place. yJust click the “create an app” button on their homepage, select an app template, add pages, and you are all set. Change the look and feel of the app by changing the app splash screen and you get the image dimension for whatever image you are changing allowing you to obtain the perfect look.

2. Make Money with Appy Pie and Advertise
Appy Pie gives the monetization power to its users, and you can fully integrate your app with ads or advertise your app right from its platform. And it doesn’t just provide you data with clicks but actual installs your app. A very handy feature to know your app progress.

3. Diverse selection of templates
With Appy Pie, you can make messenger apps, appointment apps, GPS location based apps, and many more.

Appy Pie is a cheap solution for making apps. Their basic plan starts from $7/month with Appy Pie ads on your app. You might be interested in their Gold plan that is $19/month that provides you app analytics and a dedicated account but limited to Android and iOS platform only. If you are interested in accessing other app stores you might want to opt for their Platinum White label plan that costs $33/month and removes the Appy Pie branding.

The app is pretty simple to use and is a cheap and a good solution if you are looking for options to make money with your app. They also list your app in their marketplace, so you get more exposure free of cost. They also provide call support along with email and chat.

They might want to update their app templates because they are pretty outdated and have been used in many other apps. They should also remove their branding in the Gold plan in our opinion.

Key Takeaway:
Overall this app maker is a good solution if you are trying to make money with your apps but they need to improve their app templates.

Source: MobiCart

MobiCart is a mobile commerce app solution. It’s the best option for retailers because of its integration with E-commerce software and mobile payment solutions. It’s a quick solution for setting a mobile store even if you have a brick-or-mortar business, and it can help you boost sales and grow your small business. Their features include:

1. Quickly Set Up a Shop
With Mobicart, it’s very easy to setup a store although it gives you very limited features in terms of app customization. You can add pictures, select a layout, change color, and define which regions you are targeting. The actual store customization happens in the “Manage Content” section where you can list products, make categories, add departments, and other custom pages.

Mobicart fully understands their customer needs and provide cheap solutions that fit their requirements. Their basic plan starts from $28/month and offers a listing of 100 products with no source code access. You can submit apps to the app stores yourself by using a coupon code and remove the submission price or let them submit the app for you. The other plan is the $98/month plan where you can list 7000 products and get access to the app source code and priority email support. You can list addition 1000 products for the price of $5.

This is a good solution if you are not a technical person and don’t know how to setup a store.

We found a lot of problems with this one. What if you don’t need to set up a shop? And as we stated above, why do only those people get priority support who pay more? And why do we have to pay additional $5 for listing 1000 more products in the store.

They are thousands of app makers out there, and it might feel a little daunting to decide which one is best for you. That’s why we compiled this list for you to choose the perfect app creator for your business. We still invite you to go out and explore and compare the prices to get the ideal solution for your app.

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