Top 12 apps that won Apple design awards for 2016


Here are the list of apps for this year Apple design awards last Monday night WWDC



Apple says “ elegantly solves the complicated collaboration process of reviewing and providing feedback on dailies, and was picked as a winner because it solves a real problem in an elegant way. It has a distinct and coherent visual style, impressive motion effects, and supports Auto Layout, Dynamic Type, 3D Touch Quick Actions, and Peek and Pop.”

2. Ulysses

Apple says “Ulysses was developed for creative writers, including novelists, students, journalists, and bloggers. A powerful text editor for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, the clean and uncluttered designed is optimized for writing without distraction, while empowering writers with tools to be productive during every phase of the writing process. Ulysses was picked as an Apple Design Award winner because of its strong execution, and because it allows users to work on their device of choice while providing a consistent and device appropriate experience.”

3. Chameleon Run

Apple says “Chameleon Run is a fast-paced auto runner with a colorful twist. With great Siri Remote integration on tvOS and Multi-touch on iOS, the gameplay is fast, highly responsive, and addictive. We loved this game’s stunning visual presentation, beautiful graphics, and great visual effects. With a great soundtrack, fun sound effects, super intuitive and natural controls, and great performance Chameleon Run is a winner that’s hard to put down”

4. Lara Croft GO

Apple says ” Lara Croft GO is a turn-based puzzle adventure set in the ruins of an ancient civilization. It captures the spirit of this classic franchise and reimagines it into a fresh, great looking, and innovative new adventure game. This simple but addictive turn-based logic puzzle was designed to be quickly learned but difficult to master.”

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Apple says “INKS is a beautiful game with a twist on the classic pinball genre. As a ball is launched onto the table, it hits paint pockets that explode in splashes of colorful ink that spread and blend into each other. The compositions created are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. The mixing and blending effects of ink was heavily researched and replicated with custom shaders and Metal APIs.”

6. Auxy

Apple says “Auxy is an audio creation app with more than 4,000 5-star ratings. Its clean and minimalist style lets people create great modern music in a snap. We loved this app because of its performance, non-intrusive on-boarding experience, satisfying touch feedback, modern appearance, and deep integration with Core Audio that allows the Auxy team to build a powerful custom sound engine.”

7. dJay Pro

Apple says “An Apple Design Award winner from 2011, dJay Pro has continued to innovate and stay in lockstep with every new OS release or device. dJay Pro was selected as an Apple Design Award winner because it sets new benchmarks for performance, features, use of Apple technology, multi-device support, and accessibility.

8. Linum

Apple says ” Linum is a puzzle game where the goal is to connect nodes to their landing points. The beauty of Linum is in its simplicity: with a clean UI and simple rule-set, Linum challenges users to complete levels with the fewest moves possible. As the number of nodes increases, complex puzzles are revealed that challenge even the best players.”

9. Dividr

Apple says “Dividr is a fun and addicting 2D arcade game in which the goal is to move glowing control squares inwards and outwards to avoid obstacles and collect points along the way. Written entirely in Swift, Dividr uses 3D Touch variance pressure to determine how hard a player is pressing, and its simple, clean design makes this game a delight to play and worthy of winning a Student Apple Design Award.”

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10. Complete Anatomy

11. Zova Personal Trainer 

12. Streaks

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