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I know you are all excited with the new Samsung Gear VR. I am too. The company have just announced that the Samsung Gear 360 (The camera to capture videos for VR) will be going on sale if you attend a video conference in California. The South Korean based company said it will go on sale for $350 on a limited basis and will be available in the Anaheim event “VidCon”. The Samsung Gear 360 lets you shoot a video that is for the Samsung VR headsets. 

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Samsung also launched a new initiative, Samsung Creators, to teach filmmakers about how to make VR videos and use the Gear 360 camera. The company will provide seminars and classes, starting at VidCon, about the technology and will launch a competition in July to challenge indie filmmakers to create VR/360 content using Samsung’s devices. Ten users will be chosen in the categories of music, auto, science and tech, gaming, travel, fashion, culinary, cause-related, 4D, and sports.


If you happen to attend one of its Video Conference you will get the chance to have the Samsung Gear 360 camera and also learn on guides on how to use it properly. 

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Virtual reality has been a big push for Samsung. The company partnered with Facebook’s Oculus business in 2014 to introduce Gear VR, virtual-reality goggles powered by a high-end Samsung phone. It launched a $99 consumer version of the headset late last year in hopes of making it a mainstream device. And it created the Gear 360 camera to get more content for VR headsets.

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No one’s quite sure how popular VR will be. Consulting firm Analysis Group in February estimated that through 2020, the revenue generated worldwide from virtual reality and augmented reality will total somewhere between $2.8 billion and $126 billion. That’s not a typo. The huge range suggests that no one really knows what will happen with this technology.


This year is the year for Virtual Reality headsets and in the following years we predict that it will be even bigger as the technology will just boom.

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