Revealed: What causes the iPhone battery to explode


With the recent failure of the Note 7 and some other high end phones, Apple is now having precautionary measures to ensure the iPhone won’t explode.

We are encouraging all the iPhone users out there to avoid these down below.

Charging to 100 percent

Charging the phone battery always 100 percent is not a good deal for iPhone. That never makes the Phone so active or perfect in any sense.  Its better to keep the charge between 30 – 80 maintain the system going without any flaw.

Overheating the battery

Even though its not directly related to charging, but keeping the phone in heavy sunlight or any other hot devices may cause operational problems to iPhone. So then it became more sluggish and the battery will explode eventually. So stop it.

Using your wireless charger too much

Wait for a while, iPhone8 is coming with a wireless charger hopefully. So now if you are using the wireless third party chargers to make a quick charge, then its brutally effects the Phone. iPhone will be more vulnerable to this kind of third party method charging

Not charging the back up iPhone

This is the stage where Plan B getting a back stab. You are using one phone and the other is ‘dead’ literally while its not using. Then it will become to a mode called ‘Deep discharge’ according to Apple. So you maintain the rhythm.

Using the wrong charger

You have one job, and you got one charger. Going for any other charger than original Apple charger will make your phone dead for sure. You maybe using it just because you got a good grip on first usages. But thats just a mirage in this scenario! You gotta stop that

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Letting the phone die

Lithium ion batteries become volatile when they drop down to low power. Every full discharge slightly wears down the phone battery.  However, Apple and other experts suggest you letting the phone fully run out of battery every one to two months to “calibrate” the battery gauge. This one should stop immediately to sustain your tech buddy

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