Organ Donor Registration in iOS 10


Organ Donor Registration in iOS 10 is now possible. With most of the people are becoming health conscious, Apple has upgraded its mobile health app that users can now donate organ using it. More about the story down below by MacRumors.


The option to enroll in the national donor registry will be made available via a button in the operating system’s native Health app, which allows users to view and manage their health and fitness data.

Speaking to The Associated Press, CEO Tim Cook said he hoped the new option would help ease a longstanding donor shortage, a problem that hit home when Steve Jobs endured an “excruciating” wait for a liver transplant in March 2009.

Cook reportedly offered to donate a portion of his own liver because the two men shared a blood type, but Jobs turned down Cook’s offer and later received a full liver transplant.

Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, aged 56.

The U.S government is currently pushing an initiative to speed up the donor and matching service, while Facebook, Google and Twitter are also developing tools to achieve greater automation in the process, as part of their own public advocacy campaigns.

According to government statistics, someone is added to the national organ transplant waiting list every 10 minutes and 22 people die while waiting for life-saving transplants every day.


So if you feel like donating and help other people, it’s now easier with the new iOS 10. All you to do is to register to the Health app of iOS 10. This can be very big help to the people in need. Kudos to Apple for this great innovation.

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