OnePlus 3T may come with faster processor, slightly higher price tag


OnePlus 3T may come with faster processor, slightly higher price tag

OnePlus 3T may come with faster processor, slightly higher price tag

The Success

The OnePlus 3, by any measure, has been a big success for OnePlus. Now the company is hoping to do a mid-year refresh of the phone and planning to launch an updated version of the OnePlus 3. It is likely to be called OnePlus 3T and is expected to have faster hardware, a high-resolution screen and a slightly higher price.

Few Specs We Know

Although currently it is not clear when and where the OnePlus 3T will be available, the rumours hint that the phone will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. The OnePlus 3 currently use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 but the recent phones like the Google Pixel and Xiaomi Mi 5S use Snapdragon 821. It is possible that OnePlus doesn’t want to lose the momentum and hence is responding with a phone that has the Snapdragon 821 inside.

The rest of the core hardware is expected to be similar. The OnePlus 3T will possibly have 6GB RAM and 64 internal storage. It is also likely to have a design that is very similar to that of the OnePlus 3 design and will possibly have the same cameras, considering the fact that the OnePlus 3 is a fairly capable shooter.


But one thing that is expected to change is the price. The OnePlus 3 has a price of $399 in the global market. The OnePlus 3T, however, may have a price tag of $479. It is possible that to make the higher priced variant more attractive OnePlus may also equip it with a higher-resolution 1440P screen unlike the 1080P that the OnePlus 3 sports at the moment.

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Although, the OnePlus 3T is looking like a fairly competent phone, whenever it launches, it will also mark a slight change in the OnePlus strategy. Earlier, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei had told IndiaToday that the company will only launch one phone every year and that one phone will be the high-end phone. For this year, it has already launched the OnePlus 3. But then OnePlus may also see the OnePlus 3T as just a slightly more powerful variant of the existing phone and not exactly a completely new product.


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