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We come to love the watchOS or Apple watch previous versions. Some of us cannot go for a jog without the watchOS in our wrist as it has the tools and information we need to jog properly. WatchOS new app the “Breathe” is a new thing for the watchOS 3. More on the app on this article below by macrumors.


The idea behind Breathe is to help Apple Watch owners better manage everyday stress, and works by prompting users to take a short time out to focus their attention on the simple act of breathing.

By default, Breathe serves up a one-minute session which guides the user through seven breaths. The duration can be extended to up to five minutes by rotating the Digital Crown, while breathing can be slowed to four breaths per minute, or increased to ten per minute.


So based on the statement above the Breathe app for watchOS can help us regain our composure and prevent as from getting stressed out. More about it down below.


As the session begins, the app asks the user to “Be still, and bring your attention to your breath”. A mandala-like series of concentric circles then begin to expand and contract on the watch screen as a visual guide for the user to adjust the rate of their breath.

What’s not obvious from demos is that the app also makes use of the Apple Watch’s haptic feedback, by initiating a delicate tapping rhythm on the wrist that begins fast and gradually fades at the top of each breath, as a subtle cue to exhale.

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The use of haptic feedback also means the user can close their eyes as the session takes place, while the intensity of the feedback can be adjusted in the app settings.

When the session comes to an end, the user’s recorded heart-rate during the session is shown, as is the total number of minutes that have been spent using the app that day. An option to retake the session and “Breathe again” also appears on screen.

The default setting for the app is to prompt a session every four hours, but prompts can be snoozed and their frequency can also be changed in the app’s settings.

Additionally, a Breathe complication can be added to watch faces, allowing users to start a session with a simple tap whenever they choose.

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There are no scientific evidence that the Breathe app for watchOS can help reduce stress but some research says that it can. It’s all for us to find out. Let us know what you think about the new Apple watch and the Breathe app down below the comments section.

For more details and information you can visit this page by Macrumors.

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