How mobile gamers do a lot of money


We all know that mobile games drive a majority of the audience so if you want to advertise, go after mobile gamers.

Mobile games drive a majority of the audience and advertising dollars, and yet the ad industry refuses to give them credit. If you check out mobile ad networks and exchanges, you still see them trumpet traditional “premium” publishers, such as news sites or lifestyle publications. They play down the fact that it’s actually games driving the results. Those days are over.

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Studies show, over 50 percent of highly engaged mobile gamers are willing to watch video ads, complete surveys, or install apps, all in the name of earning in-app awards. Because, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to level up. While the rest of us may be hastily clicking the “Skip” button whenever an ad comes around, mobile gamers have a different mentality altogether. They are really shaking up the advertising business. They believed that associating a brand with game only made more impact for brands that stereotypically love.

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In a survey conducted by Tapresearch, gamers earn their rewards through watching ads considered the most popular method
with taking surveys coming in at second place (74 percent of respondents say they’ve clicked through one of those before). But in terms of preferred methods, video watching is far and away the most well-liked. After all, it requires no active engagement whatsoever, so it’s definitely … easy money right?

In totality, there’s clearly huge demand for this sort of in-app currency. In fact, almost 60 percent of gamers complete at least 10 offers every month, just so that they can make purchases in their favorite games. Mobile gamers will do a lot to earn their virtual currency.

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