Lost iPhone 4 found inside lake after a year, still works


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Lost iPhone 4 found inside lake after a year, still works

The iPhone 4 is not waterproof. But that doesn’t mean it’s not sturdy. In the US a fisherman who had lost an iPhone 4 while fishing in a lake found the device after a year. Now that in itself is pretty amazing, finding the phone inside a lake. But guess what is more amazing: the phone still works.


According to reports, a fisherman named Michael Guntrum, from Knox, Pennsylvania, lost his iPhone 4 in Kyle Lake while he was ice fishing with his friends in March last year. He said that the phone had slipped off his lap and fallen down a hole in the ice. He took it to Facebook to announce the news in March last year. He wrote: ‘Lost my phone today. so if you want me to have your # [number] send it to me. Long story short. ice fishing, + hole in ice = iphone at bottom of lake.’

However, thanks to structural flaw in the dam of Kyle Lake which led to it drainage last September. It left behind an empty basin for Daniel Kalgren to hunt for treasure. Kalgren, who is a mechanical engineer, said that he discovered the iPhone while he was hunting for treasure using a metal detector.

The phone was buried under a thick bed of mud and clay. “I took the phone home, cleaned it, and put it in rice — just out of curiosity to see if it would still work,” Kalgren told BuzzFeed . While nobody could have expected the phone to restart after lying in water for almost 18 months, surprisingly it turned on! “It was the only thing I found that day. I was able to turn it on and use it to look up his number. He knows I have it now, and I’m going to mail it to him.”


Guntrum who had lost all his hope to recover his phone was shocked to receive a phone call from Daniel. He said that at first he didn’t believe him but when Daniel sent him the picture as confirmation, he was left speechless. Daniel said that he had found the phone encased in Otterbox iPhone 4 case which may have helped it survive the water. “I don’t know if my current phone would survive at the bottom of a 30-degree lake through a full winter. I’d like to think it would,” told Kalgren, who owns an iPhone 6S himself.

The thing is, the iPhone 4 is not really water proof or dust proof of any sort and it still works. A big wow for Apple.

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