iPhone 7 users facing serious Bluetooth problems?


Apple iphone 7 users are increasingly facing problems with Bluetooth connectivity. Many iPhone owners said in a poll that now the problem is detected in Apple’s other smartphones like Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s also that run on iOS 10.

A recent poll by Gizmodo said, majority of iphone problems are now related to Bluetooth connectivity issues of iPhone 7.

Here is how an iphone user tells about the issue: “OS 10 has broken the Bluetooth connectivity with the BMW i3.  The iPhone connects and both the car and the iPhone show a progress bar, but the audio ends abruptly after a few seconds and won’t restart.”

Majority of iphone users face issues with their iPhone not able to connect to in-car entertainment systems, in
both regular systems and Apple’s AirPlay also.



Disabling the Bluetooth of iphone and connecting it to the head unit through USB is one solution for the iphone issue. But Gizmodo says, it may not help as it ends up in head unit to reboot. The blue tooth problem may be from an old software in the head unit,add experts. Also many iphone users have reported issues when their iOS 10 is connected to the head unit, like skipping tracks or skimming in a single track.

Now more iphone users witness inability to connect with headphones that previously worked on iOS 9. Users say Speakers, adapters and phone-to-computer connectivity also face many problems.

But, iphone’s Bluetooth problems can be fixed using an iOS update, otherwise it may lead to a recall of the gadget as we don’t have a reliable head phone jack in such alarming situations.

Usually Apple is prompt in releasing quick fixes and handle issues plaguing iphone users, like ios10.1 beta and ios10.2 beta.

But now what remains unanswered is why Apple is yet to address these issue yet, as Apple iphone 7 and 7 plus are expanding their market in USA.


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