iOS Users Again Being Targeted by Hackers for Ransom

iOS Users

iOS Users in Europe and USA Are Once Again Being Targeted by Hackers for Ransom

A couple of years ago, hackers managed to lock down iPhone, iPads, and Macs of many people in Australia and forced them to give them money in exchange for their device to be unlocked. The hackers managed to use Find My iCloud to achieve this, and managed to get the Apple ID account credentials in the first place from security breaches that occurred at major retailers and other sites. iOS Users

Now, as per CSO Online, ransom attacks on iOS devices have once again made a return in the United States and Europe since February this year. The report claims that the method being used here is the exact same one that was used by hackers in 2014: compromised Apple IDs.


Hackers likely got their hands on some Apple IDs and passwords from data breach at major networks and retailers, and since people generally use the same ID and password combination everywhere, the hackers were able to access their Apple account and lock their device using Find my iPhone. The report backs its claims by posting screenshots of various Apple users who posted about their ordeal on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

Getting access to data that is leaked in a breach is pretty easy on the darknet. For example, all the data leaked of can be found for as low as $755. The forum has more than 290,000+ members.

It remains unclear how ransom hackers have managed to get their hands on Apple ID credentials for now. Whatever the case might be, if you have been affected by such a breach, you should immediately inform Apple about it. And if not, you should enable two-factor authentication for your Apple account.

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