iMessage Apps that will surely amaze you


With the latest iOS update, comes a great new feature. We gonna talk about the iMessage on this post as it has a massive new feature like the apps inside it and the stickers. We can definitely say that this update will have a huge impact on all the iOS 10 users.

Stickers easily make up much of the large part of all available iMessage app store.

Let’s find out seven such apps that you will find very difficult to live with out in  life

1. iTranslate


It is one of the most recent and popular Apps. It allows the user to instantly translate the messages into or from about 90 languages that includes Even Latin. It is freely downloadable but the better pro version costs only $29.99/year. It has some travel features available off line.



GIFs are ideal that all users should ideally share in messages. We highly recommend to preinstall it in your phones. GIPHY is an ideal bloatware no one has any complaint so far.

3. Blur


Blur helps you to take pics or allow you to take appropriate pics from your photo library. You can even sent the same pics by incognito mode.

4. Jet


It is an iMessage app that help you to broaden your networks, with iMessage. It’s ideal for live-in couples, college freshmen, who can be in touch with home and get out of loneliness.

5. Pandora


Pandora iMessage app is aimed at lovers of music streaming of those good-old days, now brutall swept aside by Spotify. Pandora once gave new dimensions to internet commercial radio, but now with the coming of streaming libraries everywhere, it has lost relevance.

But now with the aid of iMessage integration, it is set for a revival and come back.

6. Fandango

Fandango iMessage app is natural choice when users depend on iMessage not for the sake of messaging. Now it can help you to search what others are playing nearby, or to buy your tickets, etc.

7. ChefsFeed

It’s the perfect App for foodies looking out for restaurants for a lavish dinner. It helps you send pictures taken from your favourite dishes from eateries around your place. It is a good guide for travel freaks who are often faced with the question, “Where shall we eat?”.


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