How to sell your iPhone for the most money


Now that the new iPhone 7 is out, for some it’s time to sell the old device and get the new one. But how much is your phone really worth now? On the list down below is the guide on the prices of your old iPhone.

How much is an iPhone 4 worth: iPhone 4 value


Similarly, those with an iPhone 4 will want to think about an alternative way of getting money from their old device. You might be surprised to hear that a high quality model can get you up to $64 from GAME or CEX.

How much is an iPhone 4s worth: iPhone 4s value


It’s tricky to trade in an iPhone 4S as many places will no longer accept them. If it’s in really good condition, though, you might find that you can get around £50 for it fromthe likes of GAME and CEX.

How much is an iPhone 5 worth: iPhone 5 value


If you’ve got an iPhone 5, we’d recommend taking it to eBay or CEX. Alternatively,Envirofone offers up to $96 for the iPhone 5.

We’ve seen used iPhone 5 models go for up to $128 on eBay, but by the time you’ve paid postage and eBay’s fee you might be better off twith CEX or Envirofone. GAME is another option, and it often price matches with CEX if you enquire.

How much is an iPhone 5s worth: iPhone 5s value


You’ll find that you can get around $128 for a good-condition iPhone 5s, either on eBay or through Envirofone or GAME.

How much is an iPhone 6 worth: iPhone 6 value


GAME will give you up to $365 for a 128GB iPhone 6 in excellent condition.

You’ll get a lot more on eBay or through a private sale though. We’ve seen 16GB iPhone 6 models going for $487 and up to $500 for 128GB models. An iPhone 6 Plus with 64GB of storage is worth $616.

How much is an iPhone 5c worth: iPhone 5c value


You can sell your iPhone 5C to GAME for up to $127, or on Envirofone for up to £70.

You may be able to sell your iPhone 5C on eBay for around $192.54, but there’s a lot of competition so don’t be surprised if you find it hard to find a bidder (or end up selling it for much less). It might be better to aim for around $166 on a private Gumtree sale.

For the previous flahship model the iPhone 6s, we do not have much data yet to judge the price but you can decide for yourself just follow the guide above on the pricing.

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