The Holofone Phablet is a 7-inch Android phone / Windows PC

Holofone Phablet

Have you heard of an Android phone with a full windows PC functionality? Well, here comes the Holofone Phablet that just does it! 

Imagine a phone with a full projector in it? This gotta be amazing. I still remember the days when projector was a cool thing and it was HUGEEE! Amazingly this phone has it and its on a freaking phone.

The Holofone Phablet.


Smartphone season is rapidly upon us, with the new versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Noteand Apple’s iPhone rumored to be just around the corner. Unfortunately for those two companies, Chinese OEM Akyumen (Pronounced like “acumen,” probably) has just announced that its Holofone Phablet, which I assume is going to be the only phone anyone will ever need to buy ever again, will be available September 1st.

Measuring in with a whopping 7-inch display, the Holofone literally dwarfs the any of its smartphone competitors (it’s still considered a phone) and then completely destroys any screen size comparisons by also having a 35-lumen projector that Akyumen claims can project up to a 100-inch screen.


Software-wise, users won’t have to make compromises either, with a choice between the two-year-old Android Lollipop and Windows 10. Not Windows 10 Mobile or Continuum, but full Windows 10 for PCs. Is the Holofone is a Windows 10 PC in a tablet form factor that can also run Android? An Android phablet with a useful Windows PC feature? In this brave new world, anything is possible.


The Holofone phablet is available for preorder from Akyumen’s website, starting at $750 for the basic bundle, or up to $950 for a set that includes a host of accessories including a Bluetooth speaker, game controller, and battery stand.

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At the time of publication, all preorders for the September 1st date have been filled. Hopefully, though, they’ll reopen soon, so that I can throw out all my other electronic devices and replace them with a Holofone.


This Phablet has to be a must try on its projector functionality alone. It’s gotta to be cool watching movies using that while eating your favorite snack on your couch! 

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