Here’s how to play Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

The biggest surprise of last night’s keynote from Apple was the Pokemon Go app for the Apple Watch. I can only imagine my friends roaming around with it instead of the phone.
Try to picture it out, the game actually helps us to go and walk or run outside catching all those Pokemon and now using only a watch.
More details down below


Nintendo made a surprise appearance at this year’s Apple conference announcing both Mario Runner for iPhone and Pokemon go for Apple Watch.

It’s not the full PoGo game on your wrist though, rather a selection of key features pulled out to make Pokemon Go-ing even more mobile (because, man, getting that phone out of your pocket really is just too much).

Here’s how it works:

1. You can track your eggs on the watch screen


2. The main PoGo screen shows your level and XP


3. It shows how far to walk before hatching an egg, recording it as a workout while showing calories burned and nearby pokemon


4. You’ll be told if any pokemon appear but you’ll still have to get your phone out to catch them


5. It tells you when Pokestops are nearby with a buzz and lets you spin to collect items


6. It tells you when you win any medals


7. You can hatch eggs on the go


8. Ending your workout gives you a summary screen with how far you walked and all the items you earned


Grab one of the apple watch now and go hunt for those pokemon everyday.

If you want a waterproof and a GPS on the watch go for Apple Watch S2 and if that doesn’t amaze you you can settle for the Apple Watch S1.

Below are the price of the Apple Watch S2 and S1:

model size US UK AU
Apple Watch S1 38mm Sport $269 £269 AU$399
42mm Sport $299 £299 AU$449
Apple Watch S2 38mm Aluminum $369 £369 AU$529
38mm Steel $549* £549* AU$799*
38mm Ceramic $1,249 £1,249 AU$ 1,799
42mm Aluminum $399 £399 AU$579
42mm Steel $599** £599** AU879**
42mm Ceramic $1,299 £1,299 AU$1,899


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