Get Rid Of IPhone X Notch with An Already Available App


Fix an IPhone X’s Notch With A free Wallpaper App available in store.

A week later, iPhone x was released which is equipped with the latest feature such as Face ID. After release, it faced few unexpected and challenging issues. But one the developers have created an app in advance to remove the notch issue from your home screen as well as lock screen.

Apple developers and designer have tried their best to produce the best product in the market, But the notch issue can be considered as the major drawback in creating a black thin bar around the top edge of IPhone X’s Display.

Though Some units were produced with a thin green line on the edges of the screen. This line left an impact on its touchscreen reliability as you carry it to a colder temperature.

Even though, the company has promised to adjust these software issues. However, many users think that it’s a big headache but it can be fixed with the already available app in the store. Solutions for the home and lock screen is no longer a problem with this smart app named “Notch”.

Notch is a free to use application. A bunch of wallpapers, which cover the thin green line issue, can be found in this app. Anyone can create a wallpaper with a sidebar with the help of this application. Few of the features are given below. Must read!

Notch Features:
• This app doesn’t alter the position/location of Time, signal bar and battery indicators.
• It has the Facility to create a custom wallpaper with your favorite pictures and backgrounds

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With this app, you no need to hide your smartphone’s rounded corners and indicators.
The black bar is placed at the top to get access to the home button.

Create A Custom Wallpaper With This Free App: when it comes to creating your own wallpaper, this app will cost you some charges up to $1.99. This fee is applicable only when you want to remove the watermark from the wallpaper. How to make a customized wallpaper? Go through the following steps.

1) Get a PSD file.
2) Open that file in Photoshop.
3) Open your favorite or selected image and drag it into the application. It would be placed at the top layer.
4) Resize and edit it properly.
5) Hold the shift key and to avoid altering the image aspect ratio when you shrink or expand it.
6) Save it when you are done. Open it and tap share> use as a wallpaper. You can set as still and enjoy your IPhone X experience.

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