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We all love free stuff, the amazing Skylab Photo editor is going on a sale and they are giving the app for free. I know we all love editing our photos, enhancing them to be more attractive or simply putting in details to the image. 

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SkyLab is FREE today with

SkyLab is the one and only sky-replacement app. Imagine dropping stunning skies on your photos with this innovative new app.

– Drop beautiful skies on your photos
– Huge collection of skies
– Add clouds, trees, and birds too
– Save projects across all of your devices
– New Sky Packs coming soon!

This app is driven by my own love of beautiful skies and fascinating cloud formations. My goal is to capture those moments when you stop in your tracks and just stare at a gorgeous sunset, beautiful blue sky, or epic storm. Create these moments right on your iPhone with powerful yet simple editing tools.

SkyLab comes with a huge collection of curated skies from sunny, cloudy, stormy, and night shots.
Want to add some clouds to your sky? SkyLab also includes Elements to add to your photos, such as clouds, trees, and the moon.

SkyLab works seamlessly with iCloud. Save and access your projects across devices and never lose your work again.

Create beautiful skies with SkyLab.


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Skylab is one of the best apps in changing the sky of your picture. It has lots of options with beautiful presets of skies to choose from. The images below says a lot about the app and guess what you can download it for free.

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screen1136x1136 (2)screen1136x1136


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