Flying Cars will be launched in 2020 by Uber and NASA!


With the announcement of a deal with NASA, Uber is grabbing its ground in the era of innovation. Uber is making its way to Launch Flying Cars in 2020-that’s two years from now- with the collaboration of NASA. Their aim is to perform 100 and thousands of trips each day. When we were kids, we would think of the flying cars. You might have seen such flying cars in Sci-fi movies. But Uber is making it a reality in the near future.

How these car would be operated and what would be its traffic management system, are the important questions to answer. However, NASA and Uber has made a deal to introduce the traffic control mechanism for the future cars” Flying cars”. It means that Uber is now looking forward to dominating sky after earth.

Uber chief Product Officer Jeff Holden announced on 8th November that Los Angeles would connect Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai as pilot centers for the Uber Elevate service test in 2020.

To add more, these smart cars would be capable to land and take off from the ground. But who will be controlling them? An Advance Software and Hardware components might be capable to drive or fly but what about the manual flight?

According to the Uber Chief Product officer, Uber Elevate would be charges competitive with Uber X when it is launched. However, many challenges need to be addressed before making it a reality. Uber is seeking assistance from NASA and many other aerospace companies to address these issues. Few of the following issues are worth notable.

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• To create an air traffic control system.
• To find suitable real estate for the launch pads.
• To build an advance system for automating the check-in process.
• The car design is also an issue.
• Ensuring reliability.

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