Final Fantasy VII for Android is Out


Final Fantasy has been the best RPG game of all time and revolutionize the genre and it is now on mobile. Since the playstation 1 days, Final Fantasy has captured a lot of gamers heart. One of the most played game of all time. More of the story down below by


Final Fantasy VII. For Android. Do I need to say anything else? Probably, because this post needs some words, so let’s get to it! FFVII was released for iOS last summer. The Android version, like the iOS version, will cost you a dear $15.99 to pick up, as well as your trust that Square Enix has done this properly for a touchscreen experience. The app is not listed as compatible with Android TV devices, sadly.



The Final Fantasy app is available now for android and it is at $15.99 which we think is not bad. If you are an avid fan of the series the story alone is worth it and to think that you can bring the game any where using your smartphone is terrific. More from down below


The game requires a rather gargantuan 4GB of free space to download, though only takes up around 2GB of storage once it’s installed. There’s also a disclaimer for what, frankly, is an almost inexcusably shitty bug:

“Depending on the terrain and timing of the action, the buggy, submarines, airships, and other modes of transportation may cease to move when the player embarks or disembarks. Currently, the only fix is to restart the game from a data file saved before the bug occurred. We recommend saving frequently and/or utilizing multiple save files. This bug occurs most often when players embark or disembark while extremely close to the terrain, as well as during time-sensitive activities for events.”

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The game has a bug stated above but surely it won’t stop the loyal Final Fantasy players out there to download it. I actually has a lot of friends who played Final Fantasy since it started in PS 1, for sure they will be downloading the game and you should too.

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