Exciting story of hidden CPU in iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 users have no idea that Apple has been keping a key feature of new iPhone 7 as secret. It applies to even iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, say tech experts.



The hidden feature is Apple has made its unique CPU for newly introduced iPhone 7. This hi-tech and state-of-art CPU has no challenges from other smartphone makers, say Apple insiders. But, Apple has been researching on to develop its unique mobile GPU customizations, added Apple sources.

Apple is currently planing to move away from licensing PowerVR graphics to making graphics on its own. But, Apple has not come out openly about the its iphone having a CPU, unlike A series chips. But the company has been gradually moving from licensing PowerVR graphics to making its own.

APPLE iPhone  7’s  CPU


Experts say, the new graphics processor has been now made inside the iphone’s A8 chip. The new graphics processor first shipped with the A8 chip, says expert David Kanter. The A9 and A10 Fusion chips have been now upgraded in versions of Apple’s GPU chips.

Apple iPhone 7 keynote was able to improve performance and power efficiency due to CPU and GPU in new smartphones, adds experts.

But, Apple is yet to come with a name for its GPU, now iPhone 7’s CPU has been called A10 Fusion, and new graphics framework that Apple launched with with iOS 8 is being called Metal.

Kanter lists out advantages of new chips: “The most obvious benefit is that Apple’s GPU is better (i.e., faster and more efficient) than the mobile competition, which includes GPUs licensed from ARM or Imagination, as well as proprietary designs from Qualcomm. Superior performance directly translates into a better user experience and battery life for gaming, as well as for imaging and machine learning applications.

Apple is now all set to improve the performance of iPhone and iPad GPUs than other smartphone companies, he adds.



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