Is this the end of Friends Request in Facebook?


Facebook has been really focused on the messenger app that there’s already a billion users and counting. It has been known globally that the messenger is one of the best messaging apps available on the market. It is efficient and surprisingly really fast.

On the article below by they have discussed about the messenger as a stand alone app and how it can help you and I in the future.

Facebook to End the friends Request?

The social network has confirmed that it is testing an ‘add contact’ feature on Messenger. The function will allow the messaging platform’s 1 billion users to request connections without the need to become friends with the selected person on Facebook, reports BuzzFeed.

At present Facebook users can already send message requests to people they are not connected with, which also appear within Messenger. However, the new feature ties in with Facebook’s efforts to transform Messenger into your smartphone’s default messaging service. This strategy emerged in April, when the company revealed that it was planning to remove the ability to send messages within its flagship mobile app.

So facebook has this goal since April of this year that they want the Facebook Messenger to be used as the default messaging app for all the smartphones. Sounds ambitious right? But don’t sleep on it as facebook has been doing a really great job on achieving that goal. Below are more details from the story by

In June, Facebook reintroduced the integration of SMS support on Messenger for Android, another indication that it was intent on pushing the messaging platform beyond the confines of its massive social network. Later that same month, some Messenger users began complaining that they were receiving a confusing prompt urging them to set Messenger as their default SMS app. However, SMS integration isn’t currently available for Messenger on iOS, due to what the company termed “technical difficulties.”

So the “add contact” feature that facebook will be testing is not yet confirmed if it will be available in all platforms but it will surely be doing the testing on some.

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Facebook has been doing this innovative work from the start and we can say on this one that it is a huge task to force users to use their messenger app but if anyone can do it, it is Mark Zuckerberg.



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