Check out the most innovative projects from Samsung’s C-Lab

Samsung has been creating amazing devices since it started. Today, they are creating some futuristic devices for all of us. Check it out down below:

The six projects — Ahead, FITT360, Hum on!, ItsyWatch, LiCON, Waffle — may launch on a crowdfunding website or receive investment directly from Samsung.

Let’s take a closer look at the six spinoff projects:



Bikers and skiers are limited when it comes to communication, but Ahead could be the breakthrough tech that lets them listen to music and receive voice notifications. It delivers a hands-free experience, but Samsung doesn’t delve into more detail.



Looking a bit like the second generation of Google Glass, FITT360 is C-Lab’s second greenlit hardware project. It is a 360 degree camcorder that apparently allows users to “become fully immersed in VR content.”

Hum on!


For those of us lacking musical talent, Hum on! Is a new app that converts a hum into a musical notation. Users can choose the type of instrument and then hum a tune.



Unlike Samsung’s other wearables, ItsyWatch is built for kids. It lets them control virtual pets, and supposedly relieves parental stress and builds bonds with family members. Again, the details are slim.



Samsung is in the Internet of Things business with its SmartThings subsidiary, and LiCON could be a way for consumers to control the various devices in the house by simply taking a photo of them.



Instead of posting text on someone’s wall, Waffle lets people be social with drawings. Users can add doodles and stories on friend’s walls, and the friend can then elaborate on the drawing.

I’m pretty sure you cannot wait for these products to hit the market but will Samsung fund these projects and make this a reality? All we can do now is to wait.

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Check out the most innovative projects from Samsung’s C-Lab

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