Videos Offline

Facebook’s Android App: Save your Videos Offline

Approximately 98% of the videos posted on Facebook are ripped YouTube clips with annoying, aspect ratio-destroying text on the top and bottom, stolen and...

Facebook is forcing users to use the Messenger App

Most of us loves facebook, some might not tend to use it everyday but the numbers don't lie. It has 1.65 billion monthly active users...
Snapchat 3D Selfies

Snapchat 3D Selfies

Now you can make 3D selfies with Snapchat. It has acquired 3D photo app maker Seene (also known as Obvious Engineering) a couple of months...

Using mobile phones while with friends.. is it rude or not?

In a world where a lot of people use mobile phone as a form of socialization, mobile phones have changed how we negotiate our...

Facebook Denies Listening to us Using Phone Microphone

After reports from different sources last week said that facebook has been listening to people's conversation using our mobile phone's microphone without any proper disclosure...

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