Best 2016 Budgeting and Saving Apps for iOS

Best Budgeting and Saving Apps

Saving and budgeting is norm for us. We control our money the way we like it but sometimes it doesn’t work and we overspend. We tend to buy things that we don’t need, to help you with budgeting and saving.


Paid Budgeting Apps










HomeBudget with Sync ($5.99 – 3.5 stars)
This is the app that we’ve used for a few years, and we continue to use it. If you’re looking for an app that requires you to manually enter your income and expenses, this is a great option. The setup is easy, you can make your budget as comprehensive as you’d like (or not like), while keeping it uncomplicated. Our favorite feature is that the app syncs between our devices so we can keep each other in the loop on our expenditures in real time. It’s not totally perfect, but as one reviewer put it, HomeBudget’s the least bad money tracker out there.

Coinkeeper ($1.99/month – 4.5 stars)
Coinkeeper has a fun interface of dropping “coins” into different expenses. Much like the “envelope system,” it’s nice to actually watch your money move from your accounts to your various categories. Its light, clean, simple design makes it easy and enjoyable to use. You manually enter your planned expenses and income, and it’s all visible in one place. The app is listed for free, but the premium (i.e., paid) option would be necessary for most to budget effectively. It is developed in Russia, so some of the text and labels in the app are lost in translation, but all in all, this is a very worthy app.

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We don’t like you spending on things that’s why we have the free stuff down below.


Free Budgeting Apps











BillGuard (4.5 stars)
Unlike the other two free apps listed below, Billguard automatically tracks your spending, rather than entering it manually. You simply add your accounts during setup and all of your expenditures will be imported for you. But what makes Billguard unique from other budgeting and personal finance apps of its kind is that you can review your expenses and approve them. And true to its name, Billguard alerts you of any suspicious or duplicate charges to help keep your finances safe as well. Whether you end up using this app for tracking your budget or not, it’s worth downloading for this feature alone.

Dollarbird (4.5 stars)
This app is just a delight with its bright, simple design. This is a great option to get you started budgeting with just a few quick, easy steps. And the concept is simple: how much money you currently have versus how much you’re spending. Their unique calendar-view approach makes it super easy to see an overview of how much you spend each day throughout the month.

Fudget (3.5 stars)
If you’re looking for free and simple, Fudget is the budgeting app for you. They strip away all the bells and whistles and complexities of budgeting, but keep the meaty basics. This app helps you track your income and expenses and see where you stand, period. This is a great option for budgeting beginners and minimalists alike who just need/want to get in the habit of tracking where your money goes each month.

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These apps are all well tested and if you follow the app well it can save you money today and in the future.

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