Best Camera Phones of 2017 Reviews: IPhone 8 Plus, Pixel 2 XL!


The Use Of True Colors, Sharpness And Auto-Focus Gave 2017 Incredible Smartphones With Mind-Blowing Features!

There is no doubt that iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 8 can capture incredible photos as they had claimed at their launching ceremonies. Taking pictures or recording scenes with these devices can surely give you impressive results. But what we want is to decide which one among them is the real champion. As we have got three interesting, high-cost and elite smartphones, so I am about to discuss in details which one could be the best and how?

After many hours of experiments and keen observation, I am bringing the most authentic features in these elite mobile phones. It is important to know few of the features altogether. To keep as much information and details as possible with photos is really of great importance. The dynamic range of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus is really impressive and you can observe it in general darker areas. In addition, these 2017 incredible phones have portrait mode. It can be used for adding blurry effects in the background, or around you.

When you take a picture in portrait mode, it will look like a professional photograph. The Galaxy Note 8 really did an awesome job here and proved that it has the best portrait mode as compared to iPhone 8 and Pixel 2XL. However, let’s check the following features and decide which one you would choose among them.

Sharp Shooter Camera

All those who love photography, even in leisure, iPhone 8 and Galaxy note 8 enable them to shoot the finest sharp photos and scenes. Their cameras are truly user-friendly. The cameras embedded in these mobile phones are the latest which can automatically adjust the sharpness while taking pictures, selfies or recording a scene on the go.

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However, the Pixel 2 XL has a bit lower quality sharpness as compare to iPhone 8 and galaxy note 8. The Pixel 2Xl has a single lens. As it does not have its own zoom in lens so you have to zoom in digitally. An artificial zoom is used just to make the Pixel 2 XL.

Bigger or look larger with respect to its screen size. Because of the single lens, Pixel 2 XL did not stand out as quickly as iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 did.

Color Combination

Though pixel 2 XL could not impress its user with its sharpness features, it did take the lead when it came to color feature. As it can be seen clearly that pixel 2 has clearly been called as the winner while capturing the most accurate color. As it uses the best color tool, you really don’t need to use any photo editors to make your photos sharper and brighter, Pixel 2XL will do it for you. However, the iPhone 8 did not impress their users with its true color features due to its muddy-ish colors. Furthermore, the iPhone 8 plus had some issues while capturing the real colors.

Auto-Focus Feature

A faster, speedy and responsive auto focus is the desire of every smartphone user. Obviously, these top camera phones are designed to focus automatically and capture the real environment, yet there are few considerable differences which can tell us how fast the auto-focus of each mobile is. Tests showed that iPhone 8 had noticeably slower auto-focus. As it is a kind of focus which pulls in and out a bit more than the other phones.

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Best Flashlight Feature

When it comes to taking pictures in the dark or in low light, no one but Galaxy Note 8 can surely beat all the smartphones. The Note 8 really do well as proved by the experiment. Its flashlight is capable to capture the best moments in all conditions.

Low-Light Feature

It is desirable to capture a scene or photo whenever the light is low or there is darkness. For a smartphone, it is essential to have the ability to capture well in a low-light-condition.

Image result for Shooter Camera iphone 8

As we cannot always be in a perfect lighting. So for capturing moments outside or in poor-lighting, The Pixel 2 XL stood out among the three. It had amazing photos along with the best color even in the darker areas.

Final Remarks

As a matter of fact, all these phones have stunning features and qualities, but there is one thing common among all these three 2017 incredible phones and it is, “they all really captured amazing and eye-catching pictures. There each shot is the best shot. Surely, we are not claiming that which one is the best product but for sure when it comes to our decision, I would gladly say that you can go for Galaxy 8.

It hardly even gained the leading position during the tests yet it has some other features which cannot be found on another smartphone. Among these incredible phones, each device is a winner due to its latest features and technologies.

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