Becoming 10X Fitter, Leaner and Stronger Using Your Smartphone


Whether you’ve been trying to lose weight and get in shape for a while, have made it your New Year’s resolution this year or have just decided that it’s finally time to get fit, achieving your fitness and weight loss goals can be a real challenge. In 2012, Harris Interactive conducted a study on behalf of, which showed that only 27% of people who set fitness goals as their New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them.

There are many reasons why people fail or give up on their fitness goals; they lack motivation, don’t have the required knowledge about exercise and nutrition, don’t have time to train regularly or they don’t have enough support from friends or family members. Many people find that working with a personal trainer is a good way to keep you motivated towards reaching your goals because they can provide you with the knowledge that you need, encourage you along your journey and make you accountable to someone.

If you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on personal trainers, wearable fitness trackers and expensive gym memberships, the next best thing to help you towards your fitness goals sits in your pocket or bag on a daily basis; your smartphone! There are a range of apps available on your smartphone that can help you to track your activity and workouts, track your calories, give you ideas for exercises and meals and provide all the motivation you need to keep on track.

Here are some of the best apps that you can download for free today:

Change4Life Couch to 5k

If you’re starting from the bottom when it comes to fitness levels, the Couch to 5k app is for you. This app builds you up to being able to run 5k without stopping through training plans consisting of a combination of running and walking. It vows to get you off the couch and running 5k in just nine weeks. The first week of the training plan is unlocked when you download the app, but you can access the whole nine weeks for free once you sign up to Change4Life. The voice of ‘Laura’ takes you on your journey, telling you when to run and when to walk, informing you of how much time you have left and giving you some words of encouragement and tips on healthy living. You can also add a playlist to the app if you want to listen to your own music as you run.

The Change4Life Couch to 5k app is available for free on both Android and iOS.

Source: Google Play Store


Rated 4.5/5 stars from more than 40,000 reviews on iOS and over 350,000 reviews on Android, the RunKeeper app comes highly recommended. Your smartphone’s GPS tracks your runs, accurately calculating your speed, distance, elevation and the number of calories you burn. The app is suitable for beginners and seasoned runners alike and provides you with pre-planned routes to follow, training plans, audio coaching and a Goal Coach so that you can set goals and track your progress towards them. You can also link RunKeeper to your iTunes or Spotify playlist to listen to your own music and can sync it to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor or other fitness trackers for even more feedback on your run.

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There are many in-app purchases available for you to buy, but the app itself is free on Android and iOS.

Source: Google Play Store

Zombies, Run!

What’s going to motivate you to keep running more than a horde of zombies chasing after you? If you’re easily bored on your runs, Zombies, Run! will keep you entertained and give you plenty of motivation to keep going. Just download the app and put your headphones in to take part in this immersive running experience. The app takes you through missions where you must collect supplies to build a community and help other survivors through the zombie apocalypse. Every now and again you will hear the zombies coming up behind you, at which point you need to speed up to escape them, or else drop some of your essential supplies to distract them. You receive the first four missions for free when you download the app and will then unlock a new mission each week. Alternatively, you can pay $2.99 per month to upgrade to pro and unlock more than 200 missions.

Get Zombies, Run! for free in the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Source: YouTube

Nike+ Training Club

If you prefer activities other than running to get you fit, the Nike+ Training Club app can provide you with a wide variety of workouts that you can do in the gym or at home. Nike pro trainers provide you with workouts and fitness advice, but you don’t have to be a pro to take part as you can choose which exercises you want to do and tailor them to your ability and level of fitness. The app also allows you to share your progress on your social media accounts; share your workouts, take photos, customise them and share them online. You can also add friends on Nike+ Training Club so that you can motivate each other and train together.

Download Nike+ Training Club for free for Android and iOS.

Source: Google Play Store

Runtastic Six Pack

If your fitness goal is to get rock hard abs, Runtastic Six Pack is the app for you. The Runtastic avatars, Daniel and Angie, take you through a variety of workouts to train your core in easy to follow HD video tutorials. You can adjust the difficulty to suit the level you are currently at. Follow the app’s preset workouts or create your own custom workouts to suit your needs. The best thing about these exercises is that you don’t need any equipment to complete them, so you can work out in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you like, without any expense. You can start a ten-week six pack plan to help you reach your goal of a stronger, flatter and leaner stomach.

Download Runtastic Six Pack on Android or iOS for free.

Source: Google Play Store


Do you struggle to find the right incentive to keep yourself motivated towards your fitness goals? What if there was cash on the line? With Pact, you can earn money for completing workouts and reaching your set targets. Each week, you set your own goals for exercise and healthy eating and allocate a cash amount for failing to meet a goal or missing a day of training. Track your activity throughout the week by checking into the gym, monitoring your exercise through GPS and posting photos of your meals to the app. When you achieve your weekly goals, you get rewarded with cash from other users who have failed to meet their targets. The system provides you with strong incentives to keep up your fitness plan, helping you to achieve your goals.

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You can get Pact for free on Android and iOS.

Source: YouTube

Charity Miles

Another good incentive to motivate you to workout is by using Charity Miles. Corporate sponsors back the app and donate a small amount of money to charity for every mile you complete using the app. You can run, walk or cycle to contribute your miles. Browse through the list of charities available on the app to choose the one you’d like to support, and track how much money you’ve raised throughout your fitness journey. This app means that your progress towards your health and fitness goals makes a difference to more than just yourself which will motivate you to keep going because every mile counts. The amount of money you get depends on the activity, with walkers and runners earning up to 25¢ per mile and cyclists earning up to 10¢ per mile.

Charity Miles is available for free on Android and iOS.

Source: Google Play Store

Workout Trainer

You can find a whole host of different workouts and exercises using Workout Trainer. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone up or build muscle, you can find something to help you meet your targets using this app. The app contains audio, video and picture tutorials on a range of workouts from yoga and calisthenics, to weight lifting and HIIT training. You can completely tailor your workouts to your requirements, with options for home workouts or gym-based routines. Start your Workout Trainer journey by completing an initial fitness assessment to customise your experience. You can schedule reminders for your workouts on the app to ensure that you never miss a session, customise your workouts, get health and fitness tips from top personal trainers and upload your playlist to listen to when you work out.

Get Workout Trainer for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Source: Google Play Store

So, if you are struggling to keep up with your New Year’s resolution or just can’t seem to achieve your fitness goals, employ your smartphone as your personal trainer and try out these apps to see which ones can help you towards your targets. Now you can finally be one of the 27% of people who achieve their fitness goals.

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