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iPhone is arguably the most powerful handset device in the world. It got it all from messages, phone call, games and apps. This site has gathered some really useful information regarding the iOS loopholes that you can take advatange of. The list is down below:

Be more frugal with data

If you’re watching your data usage, it’s a good idea to use a feature introduced in iOS 7: cellular data management.
With this tool, you can decide which apps get to use cellular data, and which apps can load only over Wi-Fi.
Head over to Settings > Cellular to disable cellular data usage for any installed apps.


Long-press for more characters

Hidden beneath the unassuming characters of the iOS keyboard is a world of letters and symbols only available with a long-press.
For example, long-pressing the dash key reveals em and en dashes, while long-pressing the numeral 0 lets you insert a degree symbol.

Siri’s hidden features

Siri can handle really complex commands. She can even do things like set your alarm, and learn how to properly pronounce names. Make Siri listen, decide with a coin flip, search for a note or email, assign nicknames and relationships, launch apps are some interesting things Siri can do for you.

Shoot in burst mode

Thanks to the iPhone 5S’s fast processor, the camera now lets you shoot in burst mode, snapping multiple photos per second.
It’s great for capturing sports, kids, and special moments you want every bit of.

Protect your privacy

This tip will save your battery life and your privacy. Far, far into iOS’s privacy settings is a setting that, when enabled, sends Apple your location data.
Some people don’t care. If you do — and you want a battery boost while you’re at it — disable the feature. Go to Settings > Privacy > System Services to toggle the option.


If you struggle to read words on your screen, it’ll be awesome to find a magnifier to help you magnify the contents.

Luckily in iOS 10 you can easily do that.

Enable it by going to “Settings”
“Accessibility” and then Turn Magnifier On.

These things above can help you use your iPhone the way you want it. With the tricks above you can now take your phone to the next level. Let others know these tricks by sharing this post. Thank you!

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