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Apple iPhone 11 2018

The wait is about to over like in 7 months. Apple would Launch its high-end device iPhone 11 (2018) this year which is a clear sign to give its user the best product ever made.

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Rumours are being spread about the new iPhone 11 features and the launch date across the globe! Find out what Apple is adding to this new phone.

The new smartphone of apple, iPhone 11 or possibly could be called iPhone X+, would be not faster than any of its predecessors but also it would beat its recently shipped smartphone the iPhone X. the iPhone x has already surprised the world with its latest features and unique heart catching design.

However, the rumors are, the new iPhone 11 would also reduce the importance of iPhone X which has shocked the world through its immersive and impressive design, performance and security features. Catch up the following three minutes blog to know what would be included in the new iPhone 11 (2018). here we go,

This Blog includes the Following Aspects of iPhone 11 (2018):

  • The new iPhone 11 2018 release date
  • What’s new in iPhone 11 2018
  • iPhone 11 2018 features
  • Expected Price for the UK

Not so long but in September 2017, Apple launched its trendsetters i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.  These smartphones, no doubt, earned enough respect and top-rated value that Mac decided to release its new iconic and mind-blowing phone, the iPhone 11 (2018). Generally speaking, every product of Apple is highly appealing but it’s a matter of great surprise that whether the new iPhone would inspire the world and its users or would lose its value among the top leading products of the rivals such as Android, Sony, Experia, and Samsung or it would beat them all in terms of features, performance, and design. Let’s have a brief look at what features will this new iPhone offer. Remember that this blog is based on the early rumors about this high-end device.

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Brief Features:

iPhone 11 release date:

According to KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple always like to unveil its smart devices in this month. So it’s expected that the launch date would be in September 2018.  Keeping its trend of producing and launching every year a new device in September month, is what the most interesting habit of apple. After iPhone 8 and iPhone x, it is rumored that the new iPhone 11 (2018) would be revealed to the world in September 2018. That’s exactly after 7 months from now.

Will iPhone X die with the launch of iPhone 11 (2018)?

In January, a surprise news stunned the world that Apple is looking forward to stopping the production of iPhone x which was recently shown to the world and now available in the market. An analyst, Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities, has the closest prediction that MAC might be sleeping on to reduce and then stop producing more iPhone x devices by as much as 10M units.

What’s new in iPhone 11 2018?

It’s not certain what would be included in the new iPhone 11 (2018) and how many devices would be launched this year but the official news might echo in autumn. Whereas the iPhone SE 2 has bright signs of releasing in spring, 2018. According to sources, Nikkei, the world can expect two Latest OLED models, variable sizes, 6.3 inches and 5.8 inches. There is a new LCD-TFT screen having 6.1 bigger sizes.

More Features Include:

  • Apple iPhone 11 2018 features
  • Bezel-less display and OLED screen.
  • Facetime camera and facial recognition sensors.
  • Face recognition module along with a camera module, expected.
  • 46inch bigger display.
  • Long-range wireless charging.
  • Gigabit LTE/LTE Advanced
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Expected Price for the UK and USA:

Based on the previous smartphones prices of iPhone 8(£699/$699), iPhone X (£999/$999), it’s expected that the new iPhone 11 would be displayed below the price of iPhone x (expected price range US$649-749) which is the best strategy to attract more clients. But it will surely affect the premium phone-iPhone x- price and value.

Final words: There is no doubt you can get many awesome high-end devices in 2018. This time, All smartphones companies will fight a war to be the top-rated company that brings creativity and imaginations together and shaping it into new ideas that would create the cutting-edge devices. However, the news is in the air that iPhone 11 (2018) would be having awesome features and there everyone is waiting for the official launch Date. Keep visiting this site to know about the exact launch date of iPhone 11 and its new features.

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