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Which Platform-Android Vs iPhone-Is The Best? 6 Reasons to Choose iPhone; Know about Google and Apple platforms!

It’s necessary to have the knowledge about the pros and cons of each platform before living one!

This article would give all essential 6 Reasons to Pick one between Android and iPhone Smartphones. Both, Apple and Google Android services and features are being compared below which would draw a visible line between Android and Apple platforms. So that you could decide what is the best choice for you to opt.

As a matter of fact, there is a well-known rivalry among all leading smartphones companies; to be the next world iconic symbol of Creativity and innovation. Very true! But let’s talk about Android that could be called the biggest opponent of iPhone in the world of technology.  Yes! We did not forget the past, the races among the world top companies such as IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. But do you know that Android recently, in 2016, shipped a massive amount of 308M units but Apple at the same time distributed round about 215.5M smartphones? Android, Being the biggest smartphones producing company, has some shortcomings that stop this company from gaining a higher position in the market as Apple has gained already. Let’s find out what makes iPhone best than android and how Apple takes care of its users. Read below and decide what the best choice is for you.

Now let’s crack these 6 Reasons To know iPhone smartphones are the best in the war, Android Vs iPhone. 

  1. The People’s choice: Android is no doubt pretty and gives many customization options to its users; also there are outnumber useful apps in the Google store, but still the most desirable platform is Apple. Nearly all smart people prefer and love to use iPhone smartphones instead of Android.
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2: Enticing Design: There might be few devices of android that could have the best appealing design but the number of great-looking phones is less than the great-looking design of Apple phones. Android phones have mostly a plastic look like feelings whereas iPhone always brings mind-blowing designs that attract the hearts of its users.

Android Vs iPhone - Mobiwoz

3: Camera Technology: A few Android smartphones have pro photographic cameras i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 considered as the best camera phone. Whereas phone’s camera always produces amazing pro-like photos. Furthermore, iPhone camera technology also includes a slow-motion feature. Soon, iPhone might equip its latest devices with DSLR equal camera quality.

4. Unlocking Speed: Android has introduced high-end features such as fingerprint and facial recognition they are not as fast as the iPhone face ID and Fingerprints. Recently, Apple bought a company that creates the best fingerprint sensors. Beating the Apple Touch ID is not a cup of tea.

5: Best Apps: Though iPhone doesn’t produce as many apps as android does, the iPhone apps developers are making their ways to making the best apps for all iPhone lovers. No doubt, you can get the same apps for android but they do not fulfill the promise of the best features. Their design as far better than android apps.

Android Vs iPhone - Mobiwoz

6: Software Updates: For Android users, it’s hard to get updates regularly for their smartphones and sometimes they need to upgrade their devices. Whereas iPhone users can always enjoy getting latest software updates. iPhone release updates time to time just to give its users an impressive performance.

Final words: Speaking generally, it’s hard to choose between Android vs iPhone due to their creativity and innovation. As Android is the biggest platform that launches outstanding devices every year but beating iPhone in terms of features and services is not an easy job. iPhone developers pay serious attention to produce such device that could speak the users’ mind. We highly suggest using apple platform because it gives you stronger security, best performance, and the best appealing design.

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