Access Your Google Slides Remotely With An Extension


Use Your Smartphone As A Presentation Remote And Get Access To Google Slides Everywhere!

Google Slides Remotely With A Tiny Chrome Extension

Now you can control google slides from this cool google chrome extension. No matter if you are using iOS or Android operating system, you can access your slides from anywhere and from any device. What is the importance of this extension? It simply gives you the authority to control and manage your presentation slides remotely on another device.

It is developed by a Malaysian developer, Henry Lim. You should be really thankful for this extension which works like a charm. Not only it displays the timer but also it keeps visible your speaker notes. You can easily access this extension by adding it into a bookmark.

How does it Google Slides Extension Works?

1) Access to your Google slides and try to access any available presentation slide.
2) You can easily rename its URL from….
3) It would take some time, wait for a moment until the presentation fully( depends on internet speed and file size)
4) Shortly, you will be notified of a 6 digits code( code can also be obtained from the bottom control bar)
5) Now you need to open this link( enter the code and on the page where required.
6) Your chrome extension is all ready to go. Good luck.

What’s more inside Google Slides Extension?

• Its current version is 2.0.2
• It was updated on 4th December, 2017
• Its size is extremely small i.e. 170kb
• Available in English Language.

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If you always commute but unable to carry all the files with you, or if you think it’s difficult to get access to your important files and presentation, this extension is only for you. As it is easy to install and very fast to get access to files and folders

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