LG Unveils V30 with Super Camera and Sound Features


Amazing sound and stunning video Performance with a camera that captures like Pro!

All smartphones lovers who appreciate amazing sound quality and super video performance? LG’s flagship smartphone LG V30 was launched in August, 2017. It is a perfect Smartphone which can inspire highly. Its inspiration comes with the eye-catching design and user-friendly user interface.

It captures the real world as if it’s a pro and gives the optimum video performance. You might never see such a powerful camera on a smartphone promising cinematic features.

The New V30 launching date is expected to be in the late September 2017. But firstly, it will be launched in South Korea, United States, and other markets respectively. A research Director at Strategy Analytics said that LG V30 will be much better than any other premium Phone in the market.

LG V30 Equipped with Amazing Features:
The successor of LG V20, the new and latest LG V30 has a 6 inch Larger display, based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform processor. Unlocking with facial or voice recognition, fingerprint reader. To make Movie-quality videos, Cine Vide mode has been embedded cine-video mode to make movie-quality videos.

• The first smartphone having the first band 71-capable 600 MHz LTE smartphone.
• RAM 4 GB.
• ROM 64 GB/128 GB.
• Also, it supports micro SD up to 2 TB capacity.
• Two rear cameras: a 16-MP standard angle along with a focal length of F1.6; and a 13-MP wide angle with an F1.9 focal length.
• 5 MP front camera with F2.2 focal length.
• Android 7.1.2 Nougat Operating system.
• Weight 158gm, it has NFC and has a USB Type-C 2.0 socket that’s 3.1-compatible.
• Water and dust resistance.
• Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 wireless charging technology.
• Google Assistant
• Colours: Silver/Black/Blue/Violet.

According to Ramon Llamas, A research manager at IDC told TechNewsWorld that LG V30 will stand out due to its digital imaging capability for still and video features. In addition, he also said that it’s a smart step, considering how users use cameras on their smartphones nowadays.

Though LG V30 has been introduced to the world where competition among smartphone companies is at the peak, thus it’s an alarming situation for V30 to stand out. The LG V30 can become a sandwich after the launching news of Samsung Note 8 and Latest models of Apple iPhone.

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Researcher-Manager at IDC- had clearly pointed out that LG V30 would be needing maximum efforts to promote its latest smartphone. It can be a standing out creation since it is equipped with the best features given below.

Super Package Of LG V30: Prior to discuss V30’s design and performance features, it’s worth mentioning that this phone is coming with 4 GB of Random Access memory (RAM). It has the best storage offers i.e. 64 GB and 128 GB of ROM (Storage capacity). But what makes it wonderful is hidden in its micro SD of up to 2 thousand GB. That’s really super amazing and mind-blowing.

V30 Vs Rivals In The Market: Hyers- strategy analytics- said that it’s a major deal for LG as it is promising the V30 would get higher promotion from T-Mobile- one of the fastest nourishing network. As Scgbeemann noted that in the first half of 2017, LG delivered only 23.0 % of the total 27 Million units. He said clearly that it can probably increase the LG’s cell phone Business units.

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