You Will Be Amazed By Its Lightweight And Real-Time Translation That Are Standing Out!

Finally, you are here to find out what are the distinguishing features in Google Pixel Buds! Catch up the following points and you would be able to decide why to grab them. You really don’t need to waste your money on other low-quality traditional headphones.

According to the customers’ experience and reviews, Google launched these Earbuds in October with a claim that it has a real-time feature which is capable to translate any language- this feature is available only for certain smartphones for now. Furthermore, it has the lightest weight such as 4gram and its design is the best match for Google Pixel Phones.

How to use the translation feature in Google Pixel Buds?

All you need to put on your headphones. Press and hold the right one bud and Say,” hi/hello assist me to speak French”. It is to be noted that You can direct the device to get you any language that you want to speak in or that you want to be translated for you.

When you are done with the request for language selection, the device drastically gets access to google translate application. The next step is to handover your phone to the concerned person in order to start the conversation.

While wearing the Pixel Buds, any phrase that you speak i.e. hey! I like the way you talk or would you like to have a cup of coffee, the instant translator would translate all such phrases in the selected language. When that person speaks in his/her native language, the buds will translate his/her phrase(s) in your language. Isn’t it cool to break the language barrier?

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Personally, I always prefer to use the lightweight and comfortable headphones which are capable of the best audio result. As in near future, who would not prefer wireless devices that save time, gives impressive results? Similarly, Google Pixel buds are its first wireless earphones, their design is focused to be the best choice for the user of Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Plus smartphones- they were announced in the beginning of this year at Google Developers ‘conference. However, let us find out the pros and cons of the highly reviewed Pixel Buds.

• These wireless Earbuds would help disabled people to get connected easily with other communities.
• Its battery life is up to 5 hours with a battery case that promise 24 hours recharge.
• For the travelers, it could be the best Earbuds to easily translate foreign languages. Conversation with the locals is no more a headache when you use Pixel Buds.
• The sad part is, Google Pixel Bud instant translation feature is not supportable, at least not for now, for every smartphone except few of googles phones- Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Plus.
• It costs up to $159 and it works well with the latest Android and iOS Devices.
• As Google had launched the real-time feature 11 years ago which can support more than 100 languages but these Buds can translate only 40 languages till now. Hopefully, it would increase the number of languages in its upcoming devices
• Its translation speed is higher, but the noise in the background is one of the major issues. As a result, the Buds think that it has done its work. It means you need to be in low noise area if you want smooth conversation.
• Using simple sentences can produce outstanding results. Avoiding idioms and political conversation are the plus points to get the most out of the Google Pixel Buds.

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All those users who use Google Pixel Phones can experience the best performance of the real-time translation feature. They can really enjoy talking to anyone by eliminating the language barriers.

However, these buds are not mature enough to handle professional and political or religious tasks. To enjoy music or podcasts, are what can be considered as the best feature with amazing sound quality.

In my opinion, it’s not a wise decision to buy Pixel smartphones in order to get the services of the Google Pixel Buds. Anyone can easily download and use the Free Google translation application on Google or iOS stores. I am sure you will get the same experience.

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