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9 Wonderful Android Games 2018 - Mobiwoz

Best Android Games  2018:

Do you have a smartphone? There might be one of your favorite games on the list of 9 Wonderful Android Games Of 2018. Speaking generally, the graphics and performance of today’s Android Games are improving much faster. It’s not wrong to say that Android Games touch new peaks of success everywhere due to the releases of outstanding applications for its users.  However, here are the best and 9 Wonderful Android Games  2018. Check out the list which has all the wonderful games released in 2016. Suggest it to someone who loves gaming in their spare time or on the go.

9.The Room: Features include; Top-Line: There Are Also No In-App Purchases.

  • Its A Trio Of Puzzle Games
  • Stood Among The First That Did It Astonishingly Well.
  • The Room Is A Series Of Escape Puzzle Games.
  • Each Room Full Of Strange Objects.
  • Your Goal Is To Solve The Puzzles And Get Out Of The Puzzle.

Progress From Room To Room To Get More Unique Objects And Solve The Next Puzzle Till Your Victory.

9 Wonderful Android Games Of 2018

  1. Minecraft: Features include;
  • Among the most popular games around the world.
  • It’s the game for the people of all ages.
  • The game puts you in a big world where you need to mine and make stuff.
  • A survival mode for mining your own resources.
  • You have to manage food as well.
  • Tons of latest content
  • Single and multiplayer choices

The Bottom Line:It contains app-in purchases but just to customize it.

  1. Hearthstone( Heroes of Warcraft): Features include:
  • Released in 2014.
  • Also included among the best Android Games of the time.
  • Much a like a concept of Pokemon and Magic.
  • Collection of cards, Deck Building.
  • Include offline components.
  • cloud saving via battle.net
  • The massive number of players are playing it.
  • Available in Google Play Store.
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Heartstone Android Game - Mobiwoz

  1. The Riptide GP: Features;
  • The Best Racers Available In All of Android Gaming.
  • The Latest Title Is Riptide GP Renegade.
  • Play As A Racer, Avoid Losing Credentials, And Don’t Get Caught In An Illegal Street Race.
  • Battle Your Way Back To The Top
  • Good Graphics And Easy To Operate Controls
  • Fun Tricks, And A Boost System

The Top-Line: The best part is, it’s a pay-once game. There are no ads and no in-app purchases.

  1. Rockstar: Features;
  • Fairly decent choice of the game among The 9 Wonderful Android Games of 2018.
  • Made for ports and others are made-for-mobile titles.
  • On the port side, it’s a classic game like Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City.
  • It’s the game about a school student.
  • Truly created for mobile as well.

4.Pokemon Go: Features:

  • Available for the smartphones in July 2016.
  • In no time, it became one of the best Android games.
  • Outstanding use of an augmented reality just like you walk around the real world.
  • Catch Pokémon and battle for Gyms as well.
  • Pokestops to restock on items.
  • It created a world record virtually in the history of the games.
  • It gets periodical updates.
  • It’s the same game with amazing updates with the passage of time.

Rollercoaster Tycoon


  1. Square Enix: Feature;
  • It is referred as a “big name” for the developers of this game.
  • Fans of jrpg games enchanted their remarks of Final Fantasy 1-7 and 9.
  • It includes Heaven strike Rivals and Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • This games made it up to the third position in our list of 9 Wonderful Android Games of 2018
  1. Rollercoaster Tycoon: Features;
  • It’s a port of the classic PC game.
  • Among the simulation games, that’s free from in-app purchases.
  • It includes building an amusement park, you need to design each park. Also, you would build rollercoasters, set up and shops,
  • Find ways to bring people in.
  • DLC packs are available for in-app purchases.
  1. Crashland: Features:
  • Released in 2016.
  • It has grabbed its position among the best games ever developed.
  • Include, Bigger Trucks, Alien Planet
  • You need to build a base for yourself.
  • Collect Millions of different packages on the go.
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The Top-Line: Free from app-in-purchases.


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