8 Best Educational Apps


We know the apps are really fun. We listen to music, watch movies and most of all play games but you know what, you can also learn a few things or two in an app.

Learning hasn’t been much easier, I only wish that this already exist during my time. Here are the 8 best educational apps in the world today:



Let the name speak for itself. It is the leading free English dictionary app for Android and iOS – with over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. Guess what, the app works offline too.

Download it here: Google Play | iOS



Don’t tell me you haven’t visited wikipedia before. It is the leading online encyclopedia online with more than 32 Million articles and counting.

Download it here: Google Play | iOS



For those people who don’t know evernote, it can gives you the tools for taking photos, crafting notes, creating to-do lists, and recording voice reminders, all of which you can tag for additional organization. The app even syncs content across multiple devices.

Download it here: Google Play | iOS



This App lets you watch more than 1,700 videos of TED talks. Introducing you to intriguing presentations and revolutionary ideas from education radicals, tech geniuses, business gurus, musical legends, and the like.

Download it here: Google Play | iOS



Make your own study sets and add recommended content served up to you as you create your flashcards. Quiz yourself, track your progress and set reminders to study what you need to know. Select the study mode best for you whether it’s flipping flashcards or using our review sheets. Personalize your study sets with advanced formatting features, images and audio.

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Download it here: Google Play | iOS

Star Walk ($3)


This app is the most beautiful stargazing app you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. It will become your go-to interactive star chart of the night sky, following your every movement in real time and allowing you to explore over 200,000 celestial bodies with extensive information about planets and stars, satellites and constellations that you find. Even if you’ve never been that into astronomy, Star Walk will surprise you.

Download it here: Google Play | iOS



Learning a second language has become easy with the help of Duolingo you can now learn how to speak Spanish, German, Portuguese and many more.

Download it here: Google Play | iOS

Studious ($1)


For most students, school doesn’t stop when you leave the campus grounds. Fortunately, Studious offers a quick method for organizing homework and exams via their due date, allowing you to see what’s on deck in the upcoming week and add assignments with a simple shake of your device. You can even use the app to jot brief notes and email your professors.

Download it here:  iOS



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