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5G Offers 1.3Gbs fastest Speed: SmartphoneCompanies Should Invest Here To Equip Their Smart Devices With This Technology by 2020.

5G Technology -MobiwozAs a matter of fact, almost every flagship can support 4G and 3G technology but what about the 5G Technology? How would it change the next generation smart devices such as smartphones, Tablets, and Computers? Is the world ready to accept 5G services? IOT Should pay gratitude to this technology.

What is 5G? It’s the latest Technology that simply refers to the fifth Generation wireless connection which is based on IEEE 802.11ac better known as the broadband technology. However, this technology is expected to be launched by 2020. Therefore, an immense number of companies are looking forward to investing in 5G technology because they would introduce the next generation smartphones and high-end devices.

What would be the criteria to for the high-end devices?

According to the GSMA (Group Special Mobile Association), every company which can ensure the affordability of the following requirements would be able to Get A 5G Connection for the fastest, reliable and enhanced services. Look below.

  • A Connection between 1-10Gbps to the endpoints.
  • A Round Trip Delay up to 1milli second.
  • 1000X Per unit Area bandwidth.
  • Between 10 to 100X of devices connections.
  • 99% Availability.
  • 100% Coverage capability.
  • Energy use must be reduced up to 90%.
  • Minimum 10 Year battery life for low voltage smart devices.

A comparative analysis of 3G, 4G and 5G Technology:

  • It was no doubt a breakthrough moment when 3G launched. It was capable to get signals from the nearest repeater(s).
  • When 4G launched, its mechanism was not much differed than 3G but they focused and improved the performance and speed of the internet connection.
  • They lowered the Latency in 4G technology.
  • 4G was observed to be five times faster than any previous generation.
  • Generally and theoretically, 4G is capable to provide up to 100Mbps which is really much faster than 3G.
  • 5G Wi-Fi connections are expected to be 3X faster than 4G.
  • It would offer 450Mbps in single-stream.
  • While in Dual-Stream, it can be up to 900 Mbps.
  • As for the third-stream, it got something really bigger, a Massive amount of 1.3Gbps.
  • It’s a future technology (Best for the Internet of things) and the future is not far away.
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5G Technology - Mobiwoz

How will 5G beat 4G and 3G?

  • 5G has to be based on ‘user experience.
  • It will give a boost to the device performance.
  • The world would experience a number of new enhanced services
  • It would be the only choice for not only businesses but also for all management & operations.
  • 4G is offering up to 100Mbps whereas 5G Technology would offer up to 1Gbps.

According to the Vice President, Hubert Da Costa, there is no hesitation to say that 5G technology would be much faster, reliable and secure than 4G technology, because it would double the performance and speed of all high-end devices(supportable ones) along with a generally proved speed up to 1Gbps download. As you know that the 4G can only give you up to 100Mbps speed which is also pretty good but in near future, everything will be connected to the internet and thus a higher speed of internet connection would be required.

Who is investing in 5G Technology?

The news of 5G give a boost to the smartphone companies and it also gives a hand to the Gigabit smartphones.  The designers and developers of smartphones and Applications should really think about handling the fastest downloading and processing speed. So it means, the latest cutting-edge devices would be able to run heavy and complex smart devise applications. However, the following a few companies have taken serious steps towards adopting this new technology.

  • An impressive advancement from Nokia.
  • Samsung (Focusing on latest hardware that could support this technology).
  • Samsung Also Looks forward to Releasing a Home Router for 5G.
  • Qualcomm( Interested in creating 5G modems)
  • Nokia and Ericcson companies have already built 5G platforms.
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5G Technology - Mobiwoz

Final words: To be specific, 5G Technology is in the development stage, it has been made available for the common use as many companies have created their setups where this technology is being tested on trial basis. But hopefully, it would change the concept of innovation and creativity, smartphone producing companies are trying to meet the need of this technology.  You are lucky that you would be among those who could enjoy the blends of 1Gbps speed. Wow.

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