5 Best Apps To Boost brain Power

brain power apps
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Brain Power Apps

The brain is the engine of the body and we should take all steps in our control to make it better and stronger. A sharp brain will enable you perform well both at school and at work and will also make you psychologically stronger.

To alleviate mental health issues such as stress and depression, it is important to take care of your brain by nourishing it through increasing activities which boost the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Although apps do not guarantee to make you happier and better, they do enable you to boost your concentration levels and perform tasks better.
The following list features the best brain apps for your brain:

1. Lumosity

[Price: Free with In-app purchases]

Lumosity is a popular brain boosting game which has the different levels namely; memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed in addition to flexible thinking. The games are played with a time limit which keeps on changing.

According to developers, playing only one session of the game daily is enough to boost brain power. Users also have the option to compare their scores with other players.

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