11 apps Tim Ferriss uses every day

11 apps Tim Ferriss uses every day


Are you a fan of Tim Ferris? Well, it’s your lucky day. We found a list online of what apps he uses everyday. Check it out down below:



My external brain, used for all note-taking, decluttering, research, and more. I normally use it 10+ times per day. So does Adam Savage of Mythbusters.



Prevents laptop-induced insomnia. Dims/reheats your screen at local sundown.



Get the upgraded extension for Gmail. Allows you to schedule email to be sent in the future, automate follow-up emails, get pinged if someone doesn’t reply, etc. In short, it frees up your brain and calendar from all the “Check with [person] on [whatever]” clutter. Clear your mind, clear your inbox.

The Email Game


If you use Gmail or Google Apps, this could help you clear your inbox in 40-50% the usual time. It forces you to process serially, so no bouncing around in the inbox. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean. Made by the same people (Baydin) who make Boomerang.



Sounds, white noise, and colors for productivity or relaxation.



Have you ever cut and pasted two or three things, and lost something hugely important that you cut first? Horrible. Jumpcut, which is free, allows you to store (and easily retrieve) 40+ copied or cut things from your clipboard.


Uber has saved my ass more times than I can count, whether avoiding long taxi lines at the airport or delivery charges from BestBuy, etc. In cities like San Francisco, it’s far less expensive for me to use Uber daily than to own a car. Parking, car insurance, gas — all things I can do without. Available in 200+ cities.

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The best language-learning app the world has ever seen. Period. I have worked at Berlitz, studied 10+ languages, and seen it all.



For adding new habits or ending old habits. This is the only thing that got me to floss regularly. I (and 5,000+ others) also recently went 30 days without booze… and other stuff.



This is the word processor I used for “The 4-Hour Body” and “The 4-Hour Chef.” Unlike Word, it doesn’t crash every five minutes, and it was originally designed for screenplays. I can also look at multiple docs at once in the same window. It’s wonderfully minimalist.

There you have it. Try those apps now and let Tim Ferriss know that some of them sucks.



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